My Story

A pixel in the magnificent canvas of life!
I began my career by assisting my uncle in our SME in Vasai in the 1980's. A raw behind the ears nineteen year old learnt the importance of hard work, discipline, people skills and negotiation.

1989 saw me founding Frontline Communications~ among the pioneers in high-end Audio-Visual Equipment rentals. Had carried forward the businessman mindset into this new venture which demanded a high degree of customer focus, Innovation and excellence. Made that transition just in the nick of time. Handled prestigious events for Microsoft, Amway and Art of Living. The crowning glory moment came when Zafar Hai, one of India's finest short film makers introduced me to a Tata Company CEO as 'the finest Audio-Visual. professional in the country'. Many such accolades came our way.Excellence, commitment and creativity that wowed our clients separated us from the rest.

Life's toughest challenges make us stronger and wiser. 
Bipolar Disorder struck a decade ago, played spoil sport for a long, long time. My indomitable spirit with generous help from many kind souls helped me conquer the dreaded condition. 

My unsettled condition at that time forced a change in career. Thus began one in financial advisory services in 2004. Held an agency of L.I.C. of India and struck success there too. Qualified for the coveted MDRT (Million Dollars Round Table) in 2009. However, my passion for this career was thinning, which made me change track once again.

Why did l take to Writing then?

A Creative Spirit cannot rest until its Voice gets a platform..

My deepest passion had yet to find expression and this made me restless. I have always been a creative soul and writing comes to me naturally. Encouraged by a few friends, I had begun Blogging in 2012. The encouraging response from my global audience has ensured I I have not looked back since then. I write on topical issues, spirituality, healing, personal development besides poetry.

Passion led to Compassion

online community for Bipolar Disorder afflicted which I pioneered in 2013, now has readers from all corners of the globe. Such a community is much needed in the Indian context, where Mental Health Awareness is virtually non-existent and stigma, stifling.
Online had to lead to Offline~ Peer Support Group meets are the way forward to instill confidence in the community. We have already launched our first of these meets and these will be held every month in Mumbai.

"A Bipolar's Journey~ From Torment To Fulfillment" my first Book, traces my inspiring and rare recovery. It is also probably the very first Book by an Indian Bipolar author on this topic. Published by Partridge India (a Penguin company), it is available worldwide in print and e-book formats on Online Bookstores. The glowing feedback and reviews this Book has received is gratifying.This book, thankfully, is already helping people transform their lives.

My voice has received splendid support from a National Newspaper, DNA India in its online avatar. My fortnightly column on it exclusively focused on Mental Health, is probably the first and only of its kind in India. 

Founder, Coach at AVC Consultancy (Oh yes, I do make a living too). As a Personal Branding coach and digital storyteller, I help people build their personal brands. A career which I'm passionate about because I'm a 'people person' and stories fascinate me. Getting the best out of each client is an engrossing process. 

Meditation, reading, yoga, nature, travel, photography, spirituality and helping others are close to my heart.

Looking back at how life has shaped up, I wonder at what an incredible journey mine has been!

Walking with me on this journey, guiding me, have been selfless mentors whom I must mention.                             
Puneet Bhatnagar, a Creativity and Innovation Coach, 
who has been a stalwart of the Advertising industry. It was Puneet who first spotted my writing talent and later set up Bipolar India, the website. He has mentored me in areas beyond the realm of my career.

Dr.Amit Nagpal, Business Storyteller, Author and Speaker:
As a Personal Branding Coach of global renown, he has been instrumental in shaping my career and also developed my storytelling skills. That I have grown from a Blogger to a published author, in this short period of time is testimony to his mentoring. 

Jennifer Sertl, is an internationally recognised Author, Keynote Speaker and Founder-President of Agility-3R.
Agility 3R is a T&D company dedicated to developing stragey and critical thinking skills.
I am extremely fortunate that Jennifer is my Mentor, guiding light in my journey as an Author and compassionate human being. A radiant and inspiring person, her insights and intellect are shaping a new me. She too is committed to the Mental Health Support cause and selflessly guides me in my endeavours.

Gratitude to all of you!!
Yes, it's Our Story, Our Journey.

Let's Walk Together...into the Sun! 
Come join me in my journey, let's connect, Let's Walk Together!

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