Tuesday, 2 May 2017

I Am Vulnerable~ Redux

Being a Bipolar Disorder afflicted, I need to constantly remind myself that I am vulnerable. Without making this a limiting statement, it bodes well to ensure one does not get ahead of oneself.

I have another major vulnerability too~ my chronic Asthma. It has been a partner since over forty years now and have learnt to live with it, in fact, it hardly is the monster it once used to be.

However, there are times when I am more susceptible to it. This time the trigger was the renovation work happening at our home. The air was a cocktail of cement, sawdust and chemical fumes of adhesives and so on. Much as I tried to shield myself from the chaos, the outcome was inevitable.

Last week, my Asthma began getting out of control once again. Went through the agony of breathless nights after a long, long time. When I was at my weakest, my Aunt passed away in nearby Vasai. So, when I was least fit to travel, I had go through the rigors of attending the last rites on May 24th. On coming back, I decided to check my temperature. That was because I had been suffering from severe chills, a possible sign of fever.

So the thermometer read an alarming 104.1 F. When I called my Physician, he was least helpful. His receptionist 'prescribed' 4 Crocin tablets per day for the fever. Was the underlying infection being addressed? No. But then that's how lackadaisical support has become even from a long trusted family physician.

Since my fever showed no signs of abating, nor was my breathing getting any easier, I decided to be hospitalised. We were advised intensive care for the first 48 hours. Investigations revealed a patch on my left lung that was Pneumonia. Aha! That's where the high fever and sore throat came from....

Five days in Hospital under the care of an excellent Doctor, and I am back on my feet. A time to remember: I am no super hero and am as vulnerable as anybody else, maybe more so with my myriad health challenges.

Am taking it easy right now and thanking the Almighty that despite the Pneumonia, which aggravates Asthma severely, I a managed to pull through without much damage done,
Onto nurturing myself back to robust health.

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