Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Gravity: The Centre Of The Universe

"Isn't Your Ego getting ahead of you of late?" asked the sing song voice inside me.

With my eyes still shut and after due thought, I replied.
"I too have sensed it, What exactly has changed? Can't place a finger on it."

"When was the last time you thought of me, spoke to me or hugged me?"
she asked in her soft voice without any trace of bitterness in it. Compassion flowed from her being.

The silence that followed was a calming experience. At last I was heading back to where I always wanted to be, from where I had veered away.

"There has been an exciting upturn in my life and perhaps due to this, my mind has been racing in multiple directions at the same time."

"It happens to everyone, don't fret about it."
And then she snuggled up to me.

The serenity I then experienced reminded me of my daily sojourns of the past...

I decided there and then that I must not forget this daily refuge of mine.

For my soul is my compass, the centre of my universe. Where I must gravitate to.

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