Sunday, 27 December 2015

Top 7 Blog Picks Of 2015

Seven Blog Post picks in chronological order of posting: 
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There's Magic In The AirThere's magic in the air!
Is that just a saying with flair?

I can feel it, sense it, I swear

All around me in the air

Am I not making sense?
Can't you see with my soul's eyes? Read on..

We Are All ConnectedIt was predawn and I was walking barefoot on the beach, the sea to my left and ahead was a long stretch of inviting white sands for me to explore, the cool early morning breeze caressing me. 

The scenic surroundings made me stop and I was compelled to drink in the abundant beauty. I held out my right arm and cupped my hand, as if to catch rain water. If I drank from my hand, what would  I actually be drinking? Wasn't my hand empty?

And Then She Smiled

It was a pleasant evening as an old lady walked aimlessly in park, all by herself, lost in thoughts..eyes tracing the ground, not having the energy to take in the surroundings.
Oblivious of the hustle bustle of the kids at play.

All of a sudden, she was jolted out of her reverie by a softball that hit her on her back. As she stooped to pick it up, a five year old boy ran to her and apologised profusely.
"I am so sorry! I hope I have not hurt you, Aunty?"

"No you haven't, dear."

"May I have my ball back then?"

Yoga And Me
My Yoga journey began sometime in the late nineties. My induction into Yoga practice happened more
out of necessity than choice. I was a chronic, acute Asthmatic all my adult life and the asthma attacks were assuming life threatening proportions (I had been hostipalised in emergencies in intensive care twice.) It was then that my Doctor, Late Pramod Niphadkar virtually forced me to adopt Yoga and other breathing exercises to supplement my medical treatment.

It then began as a daily ten minute routine and along with my other regimen, it turned my life around. Even after Asthma was well under control, I maintained my routine since it had become a part of my system.

The Value Of Mentors

Change is a fundamental principle of life and so is learning.

From the wisest of Mentors I have been learning what to learn and how to learn.
And of course, implement the learning effectively!

Over the last decade, 
one of my earlier Gurus was, Jigish Bhatt​. Beyond our professional relationship, he remains one of my most trusted friends. Always there when needed, always there to offer solutions where none is in sight, last to seek credit. A gem of a person. After having been a book worm until my early twenties, Jigish reintroduced me to the habit of reading after a long hiatus. What a wise and valuable gift that was!

How Much Does It Take To Dream?
Began by Writing quotes
Guess what, people got inspired.

I thought I was a Blogger 
Needed much more than a few thoughts
The fluency grew, a writer found his voice
Wait a minute, could I write a Book?

Ode To The Indian Woman

                           You are dignity

You are resilience

You personify elegance
So sensual are you

Tolerance are you

Resourceful are you

Confidently you seek
Your own space in a man's world


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