Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Ode To The Indian Woman

You are dignity
You are resilience

You personify elegance
So sensual are you

Tolerance are you
Resourceful are you

Confidently you seek
Your own space in a man's world

So tough are you
Yet suppressed are you

Discrimination dogs you
At home, at work and in society

Opportunities are few 
To express your view

Yet, you rarely whine
Slog on nevertheless

In temples and churches, worshiped

You venture out in fear
is danger lurking somewhere?

No, not safe at home either
Your own are your tormentors

I wonder, I wonder,
Yes it confounds me

How do you still manage
To smile that beautiful smile

Proud of you, lady
You are a true hero!

They call me brave, 
But you know what?

I am not brave enough
To step into your dainty shoes.

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