Thursday, 29 October 2015

When A Hero Falls Down

He was a no-hoper to the brim
All odds were stacked against him
It was a hopeless race
Racing against his own fate
Guess what worked in his favour?
The crowds love underdogs!
And he was a misfit if ever there was one
Egging him on seemed a lot of fun
And then he began running
The feet got going
The crowds were cheering
That had him believing
Was I really made to win
Or is this a fancy whim?
He pulled abreast of the front row
And you should have heard the roar
He was now panting
His lungs were screaming
"Come on, Come on!" they chanted
He knew they'd feel cheated
Win he must, he knew it
And win he did, would you believe it!
As everyone stood agape
At the crowds he waved
The underdog was now the hero
And he was full of bravado
Won the next race
It happened in a trice
He had not counted on this
Then the hero lost his fizz
They rooted for the next underdog
The hero was not one of them
At the crowd he scowled
Thought that he had been fouled 
When the wins dried up
Life was worse than before
For the underdog had tasted glory
His had been a turnaround story
This loss of face
He could not take
A loser he could not now be
They looked at him with pity
What a rise, what a way to go
"There goes our fallen hero"
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