Thursday, 15 October 2015

How Much Does It Take To Dream?

Began by writing quotes..

Guess what, people got inspired.

I thought I was a Blogger 
Needed much more than a few thoughts

The fluency grew, a writer found his voice
Wait a minute, could I write a Book?

On my own you mean, are you serious?
All of fifty thousand words, man!

How much does it take to dream?
To own a slice of joy from tomorrow?

The excitement got the better of me
Midway, I realised that this was indeed a big deal

Was the bite more than I could chew?
Had to save face, no turning back now

Decided to keep writing and I kept writing
Shall try to make sense of it later..

Had more than seventy thousand words now
My word, that's a heck of a lot to chop off!

Somehow, I began to fall in love with my baby 
Yeah, it wasn't so difficult after all!

It always seems challenging, doesn't it?
Until you go ahead and actually do it!

Now that the tiger's tasted blood
Where's his next plot hiding?
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