Friday, 31 July 2015

The Value of Mentors

Change is a fundamental principle of life and so is learning.

From the wisest of Mentors I have been learning what to learn and how to learn.
And of course, implement the learning effectively!

Over the last decade,
one of my earlier Gurus was, Jigish Bhatt​. Beyond our professional relationship, he remains one of my most trusted friends. Always there when needed, always there to offer solutions where none is in sight, last to seek credit. A gem of a person. After having been a book worm until my early twenties, Jigish reintroduced me to the habit of reading after a long hiatus. What a wise and valuable gift that was!

Dale Carnegie, The Secret and such books were part of that period. The timing was just right for me to take inspiration from these fine books and for sure, they had a profound impact on me at a time when when I my personal progress had stalled.
I assumed these books encompassed all the knowledge that the other books from the 'Self Help' genre had.

Then, The Bhagavad Gita came my way and transformed my life. I have now read it five times. As I read glimpses from it everyday, a new revelation inspires me each time. I thought this was the the epitome of knowledge and wisdom.

The Gita seemed to say to me,
'Life is your greatest teacher. Through it you'll learn from people, books and circumstances~ both joyful and tragic, walk on, taking all that comes in your stride, with equanimity.'
Thus my journey continues..I keep reading, yes, I have had to deal with cataclysmic events as well as cherish moments that brought great joy. Each is a teacher in its own way.

And on this explorative journey, I met some people who helped shape my life.

"You are born for writing. You have the ability to change people's lives" said
Puneet Bhatnagar when I was a green behind the ears Blogger. An Innovation Coach, man on a mission, Puneet  has vast experience in the Advertising industry where he was involved in highly acclaimed campaigns. He has the knack of instantly sizing up a person's strong area and then developing it. 
By setting up BipolarIndia, he set me free. He actively mentors me in my Book project as well as other initiatives.

DrAmit Nagpal, is a vibrant, kind and highly evolved Business Storyteller and Keynote speaker. He made me believe I could be a fine storyteller and also a personal branding coach, a career which was not on my radar at all. With great dexterity of a masterly coach, he has developed flair in my writing. A person of ready wit and radiant positive energy, it easily rubs off on me! Having a thought leader like him as a mentor in my Personal Branding and Storytelling career is a blessing.

Amitji's largesse did not stop there..he introduced me to someone whose generosity is difficult to put into words. Thousands of kilometres separate India and the US, our cultures differ vastly, however how well she has understood me, is testimony to her coaching abilities.

Jennifer Sertl, Business Strategist, Keynote speaker and Global Social Media Influencer, has been a huge influence on my journey over the last year or so. Since she supports the mental health awareness cause, she relished coaching me on my pioneering and challenging path~ that of a Bipolar who sought to reach out to his community through his website and Book.

She pours in all her energy, insights and wisdom to light up my path~ my word, it caught fire! Jennifer, Soul Sis, your selfless, wholehearted commitment is worth its weight in gold.
The impact you have had on my journey cannot be described.

All I can say is that 'A Bipolar's Journey~ From Torment to Fulfillment' has your soul involved in it. Our community as a whole owes so much to you!

Deepest Gratitude to all my Gurus, also to those I have not named.

Let's Walk Together..Onward, with purpose and zest!

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Life is Beautiful

Life is beautiful
Fall in love with it.

Life flows in a rhythm
Flow along with it.
Life is full of colour
Bask in the spectacle.
Life is a miracle
Trust its magic.
Life has its own cadence
Breathe along rhythmically.
Life has plans for you
Have faith in its intentions.
Life is joy
Enjoy it!
Life is generous
Live in abundance.
Life is selfless 
Express gratitude to it.

Life is lived in this moment
Cherish it in the now.
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