Tuesday, 26 May 2015

And Then She Smiled

It was a pleasant evening as an old lady walked aimlessly in park, all by herself, lost in thoughts..eyes tracing the ground, not having the energy to take in the surroundings.
Oblivious of the hustle bustle of the kids at play.

All of a sudden, she was jolted out of her reverie by a softball that hit her on her back. As she stooped to pick it up, a five year old boy ran to her and apologised profusely.
"I am so sorry! I hope I have not hurt you, Aunty?"

"No you haven't, dear."

"May I have my ball back then?"

"You can have it back only if you sit down with me for a while and speak to me for a few minutes. Then I promise to give it to you."

"I am Rohan, I live in a bungalow nearby, my Mom is a teacher at a school. Papa is a doctor who fixes bones..I love drawing and playing in the mud..Who do you live with, Aunty? Do you come here every day? My School reopens  next week..."

The old lady was amused by the cute little boy's innocent and endearing mannerisms. He so easily opened up to a complete stranger! His implicit trust in her, in the goodness that life holds for him.
This is what childhood is about, she mused.

He spoke animatedly until the lady ran her fingers through his curly mop of hair and told him,
"Thank you for brightening up my evening, Rohan. May God bless you."
She then handed back his ball to him.

"Thank you Aunty. Shall we meet again tomorrow?"
He said before he ran away to continue playing.

When she had walked into the park she had come with a heavy heart.
There was every reason for her to grieve. It was the death anniversary of her grandson, who had been tragically killed in an accident when very young.

Her spirit had now been lifted and there was a purpose in her gait. She also noticed the soft green grass beneath her feet, the colourful blooms around her, the beauty of it all..

The little boy had taught her such a wonderful lesson, on a day normally spent in mourning all by herself.

Life is about moving on..
Life is about embracing the new..
Life is about living it..

She actually managed a smile on her wrinkled face.
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