Sunday, 5 April 2015

We Are All Connected

It was predawn and I was walking barefoot on the beach, the sea to my left and ahead was a long stretch of inviting white sands for me to explore, the cool early morning breeze caressing me.

The scenic surroundings made me stop and I was compelled to drink in the abundant beauty. I held out my right arm and cupped my hand, as if to catch rain water. If I drank from my hand, what would  I actually be drinking? Wasn't my hand empty?

Or was it, did it not hold air? And what about the air that surrounded it, that which was above it extending far into the skies?

I then waded into the shallow waters barefoot and enjoying the cold waters, I again cupped my right hand and tried to scoop up as much seawater as I could. Then I tipped my hand and let it feet were already in water. All the oceans of the world are interconnected. In that sense all the rivers flow into the same body of water! Engrossed in the stream of thoughts, I had forgotten all about my walk.

As I gradually retreated from the waters to the beach, I looked at the sand beneath my feet..surely the same ground is not shared by the planet... The vast oceans separate the continents. No they don't actually, that's just what is visible to us, the common plate of land runs right through, a massive part of it just happens to be submerged under the vast oceans. Nonetheless, it is therefore, a single land surface and to imagine that at very moment I was standing on land connected to the Himalayas as well as the Sahara desert!

Here I am standing, connected to the entire world's oceans, air and land.

It takes some doing to feel that.

Talk about serendipity! I recalled an inspiration I had drawn from one of my meditation sessions. A voice inside me made me believe deeply at that time:

"I am connected to the universe, the universe is in me, I am the universe."
An expansion of consciousness while meditating made me feel this. Similarly, every cell of my body, my thoughts and energy are connected to corresponding frequencies of the universe.

I then reminded myself that I was here to enjoy my morning walk. Continued with a smile on my face.

Couldn't stop my mind from interrupting me-
Okay, I shall allow myself one last thought, I said to myself.
Since we are all connected,

I am not alone.
We are not alone.
Let's walk together.

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