Friday, 20 March 2015

Thoughts On The Run

A random collection of ministories

Began the project with a Mind Map,
brought clarity to the central ideas 
Roped in a publisher 
designed the cover  
Toyed with names
fine tuned to five
settled for one
Wrote the first pages
A few Chapters emerged
doubts came up, I stagnated
There was this interminable lull
tapped my creativity reservoir again
The words now just began to flow..
Yes, the last chapter was at last in place!
Scanned through it, reediting it, adding to it
a reputed editor will bring his craft to play
Watching my baby come to life, stand up on its own 

The joy of being an author
, the thrill of shaping my very first Book‬


Worried about her daughter's behaviour, a mother decided to consult a Psychologist.
As she waited in the reception area for her turn to come, her eyes fell on a poster about what Autism was all about. Before she could get to learn more about it, a father with his twin sons, both special children, walked in.
He was cheerfully conversing with them.
Her mind had been preoccupied with her daughter's issue until then. She instinctively reached out to one of the small boys.
A thought crossed her mind.
Am I not much better off? She was suddenly reminded of her failings. Imagine the helplessness and pain of a parent who brings up a special child? If I would have been the mother, I would have cried each time the boy faltered or if someone made fun of him.
I would have prayed to God, why my child?
Imagine the plight of a mother of a stillborn baby?
Her eyes moist, she quietly walked out of the clinic without meeting the Doc. On reaching home, the first thing she did was hug her daughter and she wept.


Offering a rose to my niece, I said,
"Will you be my Valentine, pretty lady?"
"Valentine!! That's so passe! Don't you know what the buzz is about? 
Today is Friday the 13th and it's all the more special this time around~ do you know that Friday 13's have fallen in consecutive months after 123 years!!'
"Now where on Earth did you dig that one out from?"
"Just made it up. For dramatic effect. Am so excited about our party! Hey, could you just come up with a theme for it?"
"Hmmm, lemme see, The Hunger Games 13th~Apocalypse?"
"Yep! That's brilliant, actually! I could go dressed as Katniss Averdeen! Yippee!"
Pretending to be jealous, I asked her, "BTW, who's gonna be your Peeta?"
"I've reserved Peeta for V. Day!" She gushed.
These girls, I sighed.

Wifey was coughing in the morning and she said to me, 

"I think that I have Swine flu"
"Darling you have broken your promises so many times before that I cannot count on you anymore. Anycase, it better not be Swine Flu."
Smiling, she said "I know you care for me! You just pull my leg."
"Nothing of that sort, dear. Swine Flu is highly contagious. Think of something that does not take me with you."

I called up my niece yesterday evening.

"Happy Birthday! Where's the celebration?"
"Oh thank you, join us, we are at Oberoi Mall."
"Uh Huh. I remember someone having told me that she could not party because she'd be studying late into the night.."
My niece giggled "Don't be so nasty. It was all decided at the last minute by friends to surprise me. Please do join us!"
"Hey, I don't want to spoil all your fun...I know you must be saying,
'why did I let out the party bit to him!' "
"No, no! I am serious!"
"You are not allowed to be serious on your Birthday, no way.
And I am serious about that."
We both laughed at that and that was that

We were discussing something in the morning and wifey was adamant about her point of view.
I said smugly, 'l give in as l usually do. But there's also something you'd have to admit where I am always right.'
'And what would that be?' asked my wife indignantly
'That the wife is always right!!'
Wifey's turn to be smug.
'At last you are enlightened. Forgive them who know not what they do.'


The allure of the rose ahead of me

Took a stride and bent down to be near it
Closed my eyes and took in its fragrance
Very gently caressed its petals
Took a step back, could not stop admiring it

Pluck it, I dared not, am not that cruel.
Wouldn't that mean being ungrateful to nature,
which has blessed me with bountiful treasures?

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Story, Story, Story

And quietly our story began
with the magical powers of a pen

The lighter I felt with each word that I read
Each sentence healed a wound, I sensed

Every joyful incident I recalled warmed my heart
As with people in life, characters played their part

Some sniggered and tried to pull me down
True friends pepped me up, cheered me on

Every chapter made me turn my back on the past
A turn of a page made space for new dice to cast

The plot got racy, and this time I was game
Be the challenge daunting or be it tame

I actually began enjoying this journey
A road outlined by a fine pen's nib

A stroke of this pen cut through the chains around me
As I finished the book, it gave birth to a new me.
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