Friday, 26 September 2014

Tip Toeing Her Way To Success

The sun had not yet risen, the skies were mellow. The golden sands of the beach were inviting..she hesitated for a moment. How pristine, undisturbed is the beach, unburdened by any feet on it. Swept clean by the change of tides the night before and unsullied by tourists who would come in later in the day. How dare I be the intruder, thought she?

She then gingerly tip toed with her arms swaying to maintain her balance.

One, two, three.....
step number twenty three...
twenty nine, thirty, thirty one, thirty two, thirty three,
few more, that will be fifty, I'll be free! said she

Forty six, forty seven...screaming she swiveled on her heels
A mean black German Shepherd was hot on her heels

The leash had by now restrained the dog, barking
Our lady not knowing this, kept running

The barking pierced the quiet, there was disarray
Footprints were now here, there, everywhere

She rushed straight into his arms panting
He embraced her, burst out laughing

How can you laugh at me, demanded she
Don't you know what this meant to me?

Hey, come on cheer up, said he
There's always a way, trust me.

They sat down on the beach. He kept his camera aside. She was wistfully throwing pebbles into the waves.

Turning to him she said, the rising sun glowing in her eyes, "I fell short by just three steps!" she ruefully turned around to see the messed up sand."You would have shot the perfect image for my story~ how expressive a visual metaphor it would have been! Footprints on sand have been done to death. Just the imprints of me tip toeing..Wow! Wouldn't it have been so symbolic and memorable for my own success story? I had even thought of a central theme that went perfectly with it~
"A woman quietly tip toes her way to success."

He put his arm around her.
"Nothing has been lost. We could try this out once again tomorrow. And not on this side of the beach where your doggy friend has a taken a liking to you!"

Then he looked straight into her eyes and said, "I have a better idea. Look, you are a renowned storyteller. You could always come up with a new, better theme for your success story!"

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