Monday, 4 August 2014

Travelling with my Eyes Closed

It is a typical morning. Seated in my room, my eyes shut. The darkness is familiar and comforting. At first the thoughts stream in. Without resisting I allow them to float about in my mind, knowing that resisting them won't drive them away.

Gradually the thoughts quieten and my mind is relaxed just like dust in stirred up water slowly settles down. I now begin my visualisation exercise, allowing my mind to embark on journeys which are invigorating. As my mind becomes quieter, my ability to create my own exotic reality expands ~ soon I can sense my physical being reach out beyond the dimensions of my body. Yes, this actually happens and experts say that is my Aura expanding. Practice of many years has strengthened my Aura.

It begins with my head (mind?) as I feel a bubble of sorts extending on all sides except that this bubble isn't filled with air, it is my consciousness that powers it. I first establish my whereabouts..feeling my feet which are in contact with the floor, the floor extends into the apartment building, the foundation of which runs deep into the ground ~ a graphic exercise in Mindfulness. In contrast to this I sense me being distinct from my physical self. I begin to rise above where I am seated, gradually at first, then completely breaking free, at first rising above the vast urban landscape, now soaring among the clouds.

I am actually seated on a fluffy white cloud, levitating, the soothing blue sky enveloping me. Unlike skydivers who are in a free fall, I rise above in a yogic cross-legged asana! The view is as panoramic as that from a an observer of my imaginary body many miles below me. Far below me, I 'watch myself in my normal world', I experience the joy of detachment, of watching myself from afar, devoid of emotional involvement. The bliss is for real and is exhilarating!

After having spent a good half hour thus, I find myself (and my consciousness) back to where it began. Having enjoyed the ride thoroughly, my mind is primed to let go of thoughts entirely for a few moments. Those few moments of utter thoughtlessness energize me beyond description. Reluctantly I allow myself to be drawn back to reality. Before I gently open my eyes, His image invariably forms in my mind and I say my prayer without words, a prayer of gratitude for the magnificent time I had.

My journeys explore many glorious vistas, enjoys many revelations each morning, rarely revisiting a previous experience.

So why not join me in my journey tomorrow? 
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