Friday, 6 June 2014

God, my Robot Anita and I

Anita, my personal robot keeps arguing with me on just about anything our minds can grasp. This time it was about whether God exists or not.

'Look, I am a child of science', she said with pride. 'Made in a sophisticated laboratory and powered by the wonders of technology. I believe what I see, what science can prove. My master is the one who created me. I don't believe your God exists'

I swiveled in my chair and pointing to a painting, asked Anita.
Do you see this? Describe what you see.

'It's just a portrait of a lady. Let me see..' She walked across the room to have a closer look.
'What's the big deal? It's just a piece of canvas mounted on a wooden frame.
Any case, weren't you trying to prove God's existence? Why are you side tracking the issue now?'

Be patient. What's on the canvas?

'There's oil paint: many hues, many layers of it'

Go on.

'Well, the subject is a semi clad woman: if she had  known that a man like you is ogling her, she's have had the sense to be dressed up! She's got two eyes, a face, two arms, two legs and what should have been covered if she had been half decent, two ------.'

That'll suffice, you see, we are a family blog.
Would you agree the lady is exquisitely beautiful?

Now this made see Anita see red. A woman is a woman even if she is a robot. Her vanity had been challenged~ 
she was a finely crafted, graceful piece of work herself.

'What's so beautiful about her? You men find almost every woman beautiful!'

I turned to my pretty vivacious, Sheilla, who had been listening to our banter in amusement while 
sitting by my side.  

Isn't the lady in the painting stunning? The artist's fine use of light and shadow, the infinitesimally delicate brush strokes.. Just look at her eyes, her half smile..she takes me to another world..sublime!
I smiled.

Our experience of God is similar. A bit like appreciating a fine piece of art.
Excessive analysis and logical thinking drowns the voice of the soul and distances us from God. The soul sees the picture in its entirety. The whole magnificence of it. The whole naked truth, as truth always is. The sheer natural beauty of it that it drinks in with love and awe.

We can experience God's beauty only through the eyes of our souls.

So, Anita, show me where is your soul. Did your creator gift you with one?

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