Saturday, 1 February 2014

The Photography Bug Caught Me

It wasn't that I always loved photography. On the contrary I shunned it: in fact I disliked gadgets of all types. All that changed nine years ago when my daughter, Diti was born.

I must credit my wife Khyati for pushing me to buy my first Camera. 'How can we not capture the memorable moments of our child growing up?' she protested.

So, my first film based Camera set me going.
Being a basic model, it didn't take much of learning. Graduated to a Digital Nikon 4 MP Camera and later to a better Compact, the Nikon S9100, which gave me more flexibility.

What began as a must-have gadget transformed into an extension of myself.

Have always been a creative person and more so, a visual thinker. Scenic landscapes, nature, birds and unusual themes appeal to me. Ever since I took to Social Media and Blogging nearly two years ago, the evocative images suited my Posts very well. At times, while clicking an image, a story was born.

A few months ago, at my friend Dharmendra Rai's TRAINERS EXPO, an introductory session on Photography by a professional Photographer, Meenal Jaiswal. got me interested. Right away I enrolled for her full day Workshop on Basic Photography.

Not only was the Workshop enjoyable but I thought it went way beyond what a beginner would expect to learn about Photography. The best part was Meenal's passion and enthusiasm for

this art that was contagious. Although she has undergone exhaustive training abroad she does not let that come across. She cuts out unnecessary technical jargon and conveys most of the Training by using demonstrative tools.

I will not dwell in detail on the topics covered but we were taught the most important of basics: from aperture, focal length to exposure and shutter speeds. Invaluable learning for anyone who thinks Photography is just about artistry and compositions! Made me realise that it is as much a science as it is an art. For those like me who love photography

learning the science is a part of the art! Meenal kindled the budding professionals in us by her meticulous approach prior to the Workshop, during it and subsequently. The seemingly innocuous and minor changes in technique, learning to use the Cameras settings to our advantage and capturing the mood of the scene: all this learning boosted my skill immensely.

The Workshop made me feel my camera was woefully inadequate. 
I upgraded to a Canon SX-50HS. I thank Meenal here too for helping me decide what suited my needs the most. This a bridge camera, a sort of 'in-between' the high-end SLR's which can be unwieldy what with the plethora of lenses required and the plain-Jane Point and Shoot variety.

An interesting aspect is that prior to the Workshop I had spoken to Meenal and expressed my apprehension about my hand tremor: wouldn't that affect my photography? (a health condition causes this tremor which is quite discernible). 
'Not to worry. We will take care of that too.' she said. In a way I had elevated Photography to a personal passion, with a vengeance to sort of snub this very limitation! The pictures on this post are all done after that Workshop with the SX50, handheld. So much for the tremor! 

'Keep Clicking' she exhorted us- I haven't stopped since then! Thank you Meenal.

Meenal Jaiswal, Professional Photographer.

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