Saturday, 7 December 2013

'Who Are You?' The Voice Kept Asking Me

I was sweating profusely. The heat and suffocation in the cell were getting to be unbearable. Despite my eyes being tightly shut, the harsh light could be felt. Dare not open my eyes..the light was blinding.

My hands handcuffed behind me, I was seated on this creaky wooden chair. My every effort to struggle, break free gave me the sneaking feeling that the chair would collapse. 

I didn't know how I had ended up here nor when, in this hell-hole. Absolutely no recollection of the immediate past. 

Racked my brain. Where had I last been and what transpired in between...My mind was too clogged to help think clearly.

 'Who are you' he asked me.
My name is....was rudely cut short by Mr.Know All.
'Spare me. I already know your name, date of birth, where you live and work, how much you earn, names of your family and friends and all that. So cut that out and let's get to the real thing. Who are you?'

Huh? What's all this about? I know my rights. On what grounds am I being held? I demand an explanation (my eyes still shut).

'I do the questioning here. Make it easy for yourself, you won't be harmed. If you don't co-operate it is going to be one long night. 
Who are you?'

'You won't be harmed' you go..
God dammit! I'm already traumatised! I'm a human being, with a torso four limbs and a mind that has just blanked out: thanks to you!'

'Even I'm a human, as are 7 billion others on this planet. So what makes you special. Who are you?'

Okay. Look, I'm a law abiding citizen, have a clean record. Oh yes, one cleaner than any of this country's politicians certainly!. Have never been involved in any crime. So what answer are you exactly seeking from me?

'Look, you can do better than that. Cut out the superficial. Think deeper. I'll come back after a while. Think, think: Who are you?'

Benumbed by now, thinking about anything was not on my mind. The sweating, stress had completely drained me and I must have fallen asleep.

I awoke to 'The nap must have done you good. I think your mind would now be ripe to look beyond the mundane. The answer is startlingly obvious and you are among the select few who fully understand it.'

Now this made me want to search deeper! Beyond the physical?

'We are getting closer'

Oh yes! I am a soul! Beautiful, infinite, immortal and invisible! Detached from all the joys and sorrows that befall me, ever blissful, energised by His boundless energy.

At that moment, I felt a waft of cool breeze. 

In the cell?

'You are now free to go'

Hesitatingly I opened my eyes..Where WAS the prison? Where was the interrogator? What greeted me was a spectacular landscape! Flowing winds, undulating greens, blue skies..

Yes, I was indeed free.

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