Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Road Rage Claims Yet Another Life In Mumbai

A couple of days ago, my good friend, Chirag Randeria sent me a message from Texas, US, where he lives. He sought my help in drawing attention to a heinous act of unprovoked violence that claimed an innocent man's life.

The victim, Mayur Mehta ( in picture above), CEO of a DIagnostic Centre also happened to be Chirag's Uncle. How ironical that he lost his life while on his way to celebrating his wedding anniversary. Yes, life can be very cruel.

The full report of the incident can be read on this link of a leading newspaper's cover page story for today. While driving his scooter, he accidentally brushed a motorcycle rider. This offended and provoked the rider to such an extent that he slashed Mehta's thigh with a knife.

The deep gash was bleeding profusely, forcing Mehta to get off his scooter. He cried for help
but no one came to his rescue until another passerby on a scooter stopped. A 19 year old collegian, she helped tie up his wound but the blood loss by then caused Mehta to lose consciousness. The girl, Michelle, screamed at the onlookers to help her rush Mehta to Hospital. Nobody obliged. She hailed an auto-rickshaw herself, but the driver refused to help them. Infuriated, she hurled a stone and shattered the vehicle's windshield.

By the time they did make it to a hospital, it was too late. The Doctor said if he had been brought there in time he'd surely have survived: his femoral artery had been cut which led to his bleeding to death. An unavoidable death, a man could have lived to wish his wife on their Anniversary.

The brave young Collegian, Michelle should be lauded for leading by example and trying her very best without waiting for someone to join in. A role model for all of us!

The police are on the lookout for the murderer. My question is should the onlookers be, approximately fifty of them, tried for abetment of murder?

If even some of them had lent a helping hand and showed the humane approach of the young girl, a family would not been grieving a lost husband, father and my friend his uncle.

I'm less angered at the murderer (who reportedly is a drug addict) than by the bystanders: it is people like these who can make a difference but choose not to do so. They bother me more, Chirag.

R.I.P., Mr.Mehta.

(P..S. : Pictures courtesy Mumbai Mirror)

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