Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Biggest Festival Of Lights Is The One Inside

When I was a child, Diwali was keenly awaited
Over the years my joy has abated

Wonder if today's child even knows what Diwali is about?
The homecoming celebration in Ayodhya for Lord Ram

is forgotten, as his momentous, righteous victory, Raavan's rout

Things have grown messier, noisier
In tune, perhaps, with our lives, busier

The city gets a 'fresh' dose of smoke
In a slagging match firecrackers run amok

Birds duck for cover, flying helter-skelter
Bird lovers try to provide them a comforting shelter

My ears are benumbed by the relentless pounding
Complemented suitably by lungs wheezing

The beautiful aerial displays get dulled by air grey
Festivities over, the suffocating smog is here to stay

Resolve my mind to do a somersault
Sift the irritants, with a smile, brave these assaults

For a dear Friend's words gave me a fresh insight
Cleared my mind, threw new light

'The biggest Festival of Lights is within'
Said he, on this I am certainly with him.

The Friend I refer to here is Patrick Zimbardo.
His reply to a post of mine inspired this Poem.
Thank you, Patrick for these beautiful words of wisdom.
More about him on this LINK

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