Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Butterfly That Refused To Fly!

With a Pinch of Salt 

Diti, our 9 year old adorable daughter is going through one of the most arduous examinations of her life: her standard Four Mid-terminals. As her parents, we are burning the proverbial midnight oil to help her in hour of need. The titles of her School Books bring a wry smile on my face.

'The Joy of Mathematics' goes one (I dare say, the author is either a MENSA level scholar or he doesn't particularly like children). Let him explain to me how figuring out those brain-churners is a source of Joy to anybody, leave alone a child! 'Write 652317788331' in figures and words as per American system (100 thousand..) and Indian system (lakhs and crores).
Great, at least they are teaching downright practical aspects of life to my child. The future value of onions considering our tame inflation, for instance.
There are, of course, countless gems like this one.

The winner of course is, 'Grammar Magic'- hands down! A Chapter goes like this "Words Confused and Misused". For sure, I began doubting my language skills each time Diti ran across to defuse her confused mind!

On the eve of the Arts and Crafts examination, my joy knew no bounds! I preened to Khyati, 
(my better half, in terms of knowledge too: after all, she's an ex-teacher) 'not to worry. See, am a creative guy, this craft stuff is my kind of thing.'

I regretted having said that. It was well past eleven in the night. We had cut and pasted dozens of marble paper, no sign of the butterfly. Didn't it seem ridiculously easy in the 'step by step guide' (for dummies like me)? Try as we might, neither did the contraption we conjured up look anywhere close to being a butterfly nor were he heading in that direction.
I forgot to mention, creative people are impatient and irritable too.
My daughter brightly came up with a life saver. 'Why don't we try making the Chinese lantern instead? I think it was easier.'
Viola! We had a Chinese lantern made by two Indians. Diti comforted me, now I know how to make it at School tomorrow.

I can imagine the Author of Crafts book, cock a snook at us. 'If Maths and Grammar didn't get you, I will!'


The Picture of the glorious Butterfly is the one made by Diti last Sunday, under the tutelage of a truly Creative (ahem) girl, Bhagyashree. Thanks, Bhagyashree, at last we had smiles on our faces!

This Butterfly can certainly take off! 

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