Saturday, 26 October 2013

Keep Learning, Keep Growing, Keep Sharing

The past few months have been especially rich in terms of knowledge and wisdom gained. It all started with my friend, Dharmendra Rai's fantastic initiative: The TRAINERS EXPO.

Malti Bhojwani, Professional Life Coach and Tj Coulagi were both speakers there and as a follow up, I signed up for their Intensive Workshop. Am glad I did so!

To begin with, Malti's meticulous preparation and interaction with us before the event showed how committed she was in ensuring that the Coaching benefited each one of us to the maximum extent possible.

The whole proceedings came alive with her vibrancy, sense of joyfulness and being in the moment. The informal, joyous atmosphere made absorbing knowledge easier.

Rather than discussing the content of the day, let me share what I took with me... My belief system formed due to conditioning of my mind while growing up had a huge impact on my perceptions- a vital realisation.

I agree with her contention that 'one cannot just not think of something' without replacing it with something else. We hate vacuums, don't we. This is also a theme from the Book she has authored, 'Don't Think of a Blue Ball'.

The prime purpose I had attended the event was to sharpen my focus. An outsider's gentle nudge and prompting does wonders even as we fail to pinpoint something that should have been obvious. I had begun writing my first Book however hadn't been able to devote as much time or energy to it as I would have liked to. Yes Malti, good intentions mean noting unless backed by a 100% commitment to them!

A Coach to be effective has to be a leader by example: Malti both you and Tj fit the bill perfectly! I just couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the projected image of an obese teenager - who has now now metamorphosed into a stunning, slim beauty! Malti's story about the sacrifices made, fitness routine speak volumes about her commitment to get to the goal (ideal body weight), come what may. Leadership stuff!

Tj Coulagi, the Poet, as he calls himself, is an incredible man! His story of survival and fightback from an almost fatal car accident makes him a role model for people like me who need inspiration and motivation to fight the odds. His self discipline to keep himself fit is an exemplary pointer to the less challenged ones who hide behind excuses. His enthusiasm to change people's lives, which is his mission now, does not fail to affect the participant.

Tj's Time management tools and iHour were just what the Doctor ordered for me. Removing the clutter of activities that suck my energy and focusing just on my central goal has become easier now.
Magically have found the ways to juggle around my various activities that keep me busy yet make headway towards the central goal-my Book.

All in all a rewarding experience, topped up by an invaluable gift:

All of us received an assessment of our innate qualities, strengths and potential weak-links in various key areas. I found the comprehensive assessments to be so accurate that it appeared as if I were looking at my mirror image! 
It was as if she had an uncanny ability to read my mind! Moreover, the assessment is also a tool to understand myself better,work more on my strengths and iron out shortcomings.

Coming to the question, can a Workshop change you? My commitment to Malti: the book will be out in August 2014 and I'll attribute my new found discipline to her and Tj's coaching for that confidence! There's the answer for you.  

Thank you Malti and Tj!!

Keep learning, keep growing, keep sharing.

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