Wednesday, 18 September 2013

I Quieten My Dissenting Voice..

I quieten my dissenting voice
Reluctantly let it drown in the deafening noise

What used to be a sumptious feast for the ears and eyes
Time has morphed it into an opulent device

The festival full of bonhomie which celebrates You
Wonder if all this cacophony pleases You?

For Your large ears, even a pin-drop is loud and clear
Yet, all the din You have to bear and hear

The DJ's play banal music, the loud speakers blare all night
The immersion celebrations are such an ungainly sight

While the fireworks and lasers pierce the skies
You say to Your devotees, all I want is love in your eyes

As Your idols vie for pride of place, compete on size
The seas brace themselves as no one heeds their cries

Of all this fracas, I steer my tranquil mind clear
Chosen to keep You in my heart, always near

A faithful Devotee
of the
All powerful

Jai Shri Ganesha

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