Thursday, 19 September 2013

Education Is Continuous And Training Is Focused Education

'Just how many Training programs will you keep on attending?' my wife and sister ask me. (my score is five in 45 days)

My answer was, one Mind Mapping Seminar by Dharmendra Rai changed my life. Should I stop evolving?

(L to R in the Picture, standing: Meenal Jaiswal, Harish Mehta, Dharmendra, Anil Dagia, Tj Coulagi and Vikrant Chaphekar)

India's leading Mind Maps Trainer, Dharmendra Rai, who I just mentioned, had invited me to his Trainers' Expo. It is his fascinating brainchild, where established Trainers showcase their skills and promote their upcoming Events.

More importantly, eager learners like me lap up the unbelievable expertise packed in a day of Training. Budding trainers are also encouraged to take up the exciting profession of training. The interactive sessions encourage them to make this transition.

The Event held on Aug 30, 2013 had slots for five Trainers. The day was kicked off by Anil Dagia,

a Certified NLP Practitioner. I call him the Michael Holding of Training! 'Emotional Fitness Gym' was his Topic. The most striking takeaway for me was emotions are not positive or negative. How we channel our emotions makes the difference. Confusing? Anger, for instance. When Gandhi faced the brunt of racial discrimination in South Africa when he was thrown out of a train, the resultant anger changed not only him but the face of the India's independence movement. This was an important learning for me. I'm an emotional person- rightly channeling my emotions empowers me.
Change your signature, change your life! Appears to be a tall claim?
Graphology is a science of studying handwriting to analyse a person. Vinit Bansode, founder of The Graphology Research Institute, is a master of this skill. I was tempted to discard it as another form of mumbo-jumbo: how wrong my pre-conceived notion was. The proof of the pudding was the display of slides of signatures of legendary names from history and present and the connection with their characters. I found his session so compelling that I subsequently attended his one on one session and benefited hugely from it. 
Malti Bhojwani, Professional Life Coach (ICF) enthralled us with a session on the topic of Ontology. To me, her most powerful message was that in order to discard a negative attribute we have to replace it with a positive one. The importance of 'Letting go' was ingeniously demonstrated. When one holds on to guilt from past incidents the best way to reconcile to is by understanding that circumstances compelled one behave in that manner. The release thus experienced is liberating. I particularly liked the the tools used to relate to emotions, circumstances and behaviour. I have in fact, registered as a participant for Malti's full day Workshop on 21st of September.

Harish Mehta is an ActionCOACH and LOA Trainer. A powerful speaker, I particularly liked one
theme he touched upon- 'OAR' Ownership, Accountability, Responsibility: Aren't these the cornerstones of every successful person? Hiding behind excuses,blaming and denial are the path to failure. A probing question by him 'How many of you spent twenty minutes everyday together with your family, undisturbed?' Thank you for 'The Secret' handout, beautifully worded and printed: 'I promise myself'. Great affirmations to begin a day with! 

Meenal Jaiswal, a MBA, who quit her job to pursue her passion
since she was a five year old: Photography. Her session brought to fore to the uninitiated how minor things make a difference in how an image turns out to be in the final reckoning.The importance of all things visual in this era of Social Medai was underlined. Composing, innovation, a few technical terms were the topics she focused on (pun intended!). For an amateur like me who loves my photography and all things visual, this  was a session that had me glued to every word, every image on the screen..In order to translate my amateur status to a trained amateur, I'm attending Meenal's full day intensive Photography workshop.
Rounding up, back to Dharmendra Rai.
Thank you, it is your creative genius, innovative marketing ideas, sheer enthusiasm in the field of Training and path-breaking approach to presenting Trainers that has ensured that the Expo concept has now evolved into such a resounding success! Looking forward to more learning and....sharing.

It is because of the knowledge and wisdom gained from such workshops over the past eighteen months that I have made a successful transition in my career. The interaction with geniuses is invaluable. My Blogging and writing career I owe to these workshops.

Any further reasons for not attending even more of these in the future?

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

I Quieten My Dissenting Voice..

I quieten my dissenting voice
Reluctantly let it drown in the deafening noise

What used to be a sumptious feast for the ears and eyes
Time has morphed it into an opulent device

The festival full of bonhomie which celebrates You
Wonder if all this cacophony pleases You?

For Your large ears, even a pin-drop is loud and clear
Yet, all the din You have to bear and hear

The DJ's play banal music, the loud speakers blare all night
The immersion celebrations are such an ungainly sight

While the fireworks and lasers pierce the skies
You say to Your devotees, all I want is love in your eyes

As Your idols vie for pride of place, compete on size
The seas brace themselves as no one heeds their cries

Of all this fracas, I steer my tranquil mind clear
Chosen to keep You in my heart, always near

A faithful Devotee
of the
All powerful

Jai Shri Ganesha

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Strut Your Stuff

Strut your stuff
Let them call your bluff

Display your wares
So what if they stand and stare?

Do you see their tongues wag?
Ignore them, its your right to brag!

Do not be a bird in a flock
Stand tall, firmly like a rock

You are special, you know it
Step out, let the world see it!

Dare to be what you are, a maverick
That's what it takes to make your brand stick

So, are you willing to shout out loud:
'Am extraordinary, have no place in the crowd!'
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