Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Pros and Cons of 'Pro Something' and 'Anti-Something'

Mother Theresa when once asked if she would participate in an anti-drug rally, replied:
'If it is a cause for pro-health, I'll surely support it, not an anti-something rally.'
This theme resonates with the Law of Attraction, popularised by Rhonda Byrne's The Secret.
Irrespective of whether the cause is worthwhile or not, 'Anti' is negative energy whereas 'Pro' is positive energy.

When we lend our energy to 'fighting' something, we create more and more such circumstances in our lives, which could be more challenging and draining than the previous ones. 

I'll share my own experiences.

Although I have been a vigilante for over a decade now, I'll stick to recent incidents.
A couple of months ago our Housing Complex and the Co-operative Society have been at the receiving end of things. Being a resident, it would have been cowardly to turn my back and ignore the dire situation.

What had happened is the Municipal Corporation had illegally demolished our main entrance gate in the month of June 2013. Ironically, this gate was part of the plans approved by the corporation itself, way back in 2002. Naturally, this had caused anguish and anger among all the residents. This barbarous act was indicative of the frustration vented out by vested interests against our momentous victory in The Bombay High Court (a resounding culmination of our twelve year struggle against the powerful Developers lobby). As they were left with hardly any legal recourse, such desperate means were adopted.

In pursuit of justice, I too was actively involved as a dutiful resident. I even got the demolition story covered by the press and television media. The final outcome of this fresh struggle is awaited.

A snowball grows in size and momentum as it hurtles down a slope..

A month ago, a friend of mine visited my home as she needed guidance regarding a placement offer for her daughter in an upcoming Airline. 
The only catch was that a grand sum of Rs.1,20,000/- ( $2000) had to be deposited in a Bank account! One thing led to another and my vigilante mind made me unearth a huge fake jobs scam that lured job hopefuls with 'guaranteed placements'.  The Airline officials shrugged off the matter with disinterest and did not even respond to my emails for three days. This led me to bringing the matter to the notice of the press and television media so that other innocents would not fall victim.

If all this was not draining my energy, just last week, got a call from a dear friend, whose identity I choose to keep secret for the sake of privacy. The same 'snowball' was engulfing him, it appears. He had been served an Arrest Warrant and had asked me if I could accompany him to the police station. I readily agreed and off we went and were greeted by the cumbersome, bureaucratic paperwork of law. I readily agreed to stand surety for my friend of high stature who I hold in the great esteem. This incident enraged me even further, since aspersions had been cast against the noblest of souls. It took all my recently acquired self-control methods to keep my emotions in check and not let them cloud my judgement.

These incidents, all within the short span of two months brought back memories of my being involved in ugly battles for justice against all sorts of people including greedy Developers and my own distant relatives. Every single time, it had ballooned into more serious repercussions.

By saying this, am I suggesting that one should shy away from the duties as a responsible citizen? That's not my intent at all.  

'Be the change you want to see in the world'
the words of the icon I look up most to, Mahatma Gandhi.

Every time I think about this statement, it's relevance grows. Whenever I have attempted an activity to help people (rather than fighting people, again, despite the cause), I have found fulfilment and am inspired from within to go one step further. Have shifted my focus to being the best I can be. Positive actions result in positive energy, creating circumstances that bring us joy, peace and fulfilment.

My small endeavour in the community space, is an example. Am a new person after this initiative although it is barely three months old. 

It has reinforced my belief that we are all born to serve. Wondering how can we achieve this? By rising to our fullest potential so that the abundance spills over to benefit all around us. An abundance of love, energy, resources and creativity.

My dear friends on the Social Media networks are shining examples of this.

Take Paul Polak, for instance. 

His selfless dedication to eradication of rural poverty in
developing countries has met with unprecedented success. A vision of gigantic scale beyond an ordinary mortal's imagination.
SunWater Project, his brainchild has helped lift twenty million people above the poverty line! In pursuit of his work he often visits countries like India and more importantly, ventures into hinterlands where we have never been to. His project is sustained partly by donations and on cost-plus pricing of the radically designed, affordable solar powered water pumps for irrigation that boosts agricultural productivity.
How can I not be inspired by such legends who are literally changing the world by their positive action rather than fighting the system? 

Time to refocus, realign my goals. Target decisive, positive action for which I've been created.

Thank God for such fine friends who inspire me across continents.
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