Saturday, 24 August 2013

From Baby Steps to the First Big Stride.

One can either summon all of one's will power, resources and courage to take on a challenge and overcome it, or meekly surrender to it. -
 Vijay Nallawala

Thankfully, more often than not, I chose to fight back- and won.

It was on the 21st of May, 2013, that Bipolarindia was launched. At that time an audience of 10,000 would have been a pipe dream and on a distant horizon. Well, thanks to the support of all the readers it has clocked that figure in a mere 95 days!! 10,000 Visits in 95 Days!!
It is also a reflection of how timely, relevant this site is and that it fulfills a need that was possibly ignored all this while: a community for and by Bipolars. Where one can learn from experiences of people coming through and winning their battles, the methods they employ and similar inspirational stories. Also available are many practical Do's and Don'ts, Roadmaps to Recovery, Links to sites that could provide detailed medical information, etc.

How well fellow patients and their relatives have connected with it is evident from the number of phone calls and messages I received to seek advise and to commend me, from all corners of India- and beyond.

The one incident that is most relevant is a Journalist telephoning me from Bangalore. He happens to be a Bipolar from an early age and wants to write about it but can't muster the courage for going ahead. Reading my posts he feels he just might be encouraged to finally to so. These small victories matter to me more than just numbers: the site is serving the purpose it was set up for.

Puneet Bhatnagar, my Mentor friend, your Creativity Mission informally started with this initiative itself! Your brainchild worked and how!

Until now it has been a short, although exhilarating journey. Going ahead, the plan is to gather momentum by seeking the help of more fellow passengers, like Jaswinder Grewal who so graciously consented to and contributed an article for us. A sincere appeal to all Clinical Psychologists/ Psychotherapists/Counselors to pitch in and contribute to the cause by writing helpful articles and answer queries. That there could be an estimated 70 Million Bipolar afflicted in the world is a scary thought. About time we lent a helping hand.

I share with you here, a few of the popular posts of the Site:

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