Saturday, 17 August 2013

A Walk through a Raging Storm - A Poem

The rain, ferocious rain pours as I'm walking
Where am I headed, what am I seeking?

As the cascades get stronger, it comes down in droves
I can hear the thunder, feel a cruel storm brew

Seek shelter around me, left and right
Not a comforting nook anywhere in sight

My inner turmoil adds to my anguish and pain
Dread the thought of going through it all again

Falling apart, piece by piece
Show me a way out, I wish

Searched for the fallen pieces all around me
They had merged with the wet muddy path I had left behind me

It then came to me in a flash, to the fore
Hadn't I been through all this before?

With all my might pulled myself together again
Saw the new me coming up despite the pain

With my arms open wide, face up, dared the rain
Felt cleansed, renewed, my joy was insane!!

And then suddenly saw the path ahead gloriously lit up
Tearing apart the dreary clouds the kind, warm Sun had come up

After falling apart, disintegrating,
Was finally the whole me that I was seeking

Come on, rain, willing to take you on again
The fire in me has been lit, cannot be doused again.

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