Tuesday, 11 June 2013

FactualFiction: My niece showed me her latest gadget, all excited.

My niece, all of twelve years, came running to me the other day with a huge grin adorning her pretty face. 

'Guess what? I have the best Mobile phone money can buy! Mom and Dad gifted it to me, love them! You won't believe how feature packed this gizmo is, packed to the gills!'

I'll certainly not know until you tell me, I said to her, smiling indulgently.

'Where do I begin?
How can one not fall in love with the IPS High-res HD screen? Razor sharp display with real life colours. The camera lives upto the display: a whopping 16 megapixel shooter with dual LED's.
Slo-mo video recording and Editing software thrown in too.

Gesture based control, voice-aided navigation, NFC, comes loaded  with tons of Apps.
Now for the innards. This one's powered by a lightening speed processor and has a humongous 64 GB internal memory.' She preened on.

'I know you'll say such gadgets run out of juice in a few hours. Naah..This adorable monster runs for a full day even with me hitting the racing tracks, playing Hell-Raiser and downloading full High-Def movies.

Now, do you know any gadget to beat this, dude?' She crossed her arms as she faced me.

Impressed, impressed. Let me see..why, yes, I know of a better gadget. In fact, vastly superior. I let the suspense built up.

'No, you are cornered this time around, ain't fooling me. Come out with your secret gadget.'

To begin with, the 'shooter' as you term it. Heard of a camera with an infinite focal range, 360 degree panoramic view? The screen outscores even your IPS- this one's a Holographic magnum opus, the gigantic size dwarfs your four incher.

This gadget accepts voice commands, visual data and unsaid orders too! NFC? That's kids stuff, kiddo! The number of Apps I have downloaded on it are in zillions by now, still counting.

As for the processor, fasten your seat belt. Heard of anything more powerful than the world's fastest computer? A problem with the memory stats, though: you see, it has just no limits!

Technological obsolescence? This fella gets smarter each day!
Now for the winning ace: my gadget thinks for itself!!

So you see, its my time to grin from ear to ear, kiddo.

Frowning, she asked me: 'What is it? Never before heard of anything like it..'

Its no state secret. I call it the iMind.

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