Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Humming a song, I was beaming as I drove: this morning was special!

I normally am a genial, affable person. This morning was special. I actually hummed a song without worrying about being late, stuck in the peak morning Mumbai traffic. Keeping someone waiting beyond the agreed upon time normally frustrates me. I was looking forward to meeting my friend from New Delhi, Sreekumar Rajgopalan at the Airport as he happened to have some time to spare between two flights. The bumper to bumper crawl had ground to a standstill, my upbeat mood did not.

So why was my feeling so good today? As as has happened so often in the past, this time too it was this morning's meditation session that primed me for a brilliant day. Here's what I experienced under it's spell..

He was seated before me. In previous such sessions I'd have felt myself automatically drawn toward Him, walking barefoot on the wet morning grass, to lie prostrate at His feet.

Today, I was rooted to my seat. Then the magical conversation happened without a word being uttered. He read my thoughts while His Divine presence conveyed His golden words of wisdom to me.

'There's something bothering you, what is it?'

I can't put my finger on it but although I know I have found the path I've been searching for and it has given me fulfilment too, one thought holds me back. Is my path aligned with my family goals, am I doing justice to my commitment to them or am I being selfish? This has been gnawing at me and prevents me from feeling blissful. 

'You have been a true devotee. As a present for your unfailing devotion, I extend you My friendship- a privilege very few can enjoy. As a friend I ask to look within, look back and think: Are you healthier, wealthier, wiser and happier than you were at the age of twenty five?
Are you better off now than you were back then?'

When I was a nobody, a no hoper, You held my hand, gave me the courage and showed me the path to walk on. Undoubtedly, I am much better off today than I was but that I owe entirely to Your Divine grace and blessing. How could I claim credit for any of that? After all, I am just a trustee of my possessions. I do not even own my body, you are the Supreme owner and enjoyer. 

'It is strange. On one hand you give me credit for all your progress in life and on the other, you are unsure about your future. If I have helped you, my friend, all these years, what makes you think I'll stop now?'

At this moment, He got up and walked toward where I was seated. I was just a spectator, not moving an inch! He placed His hand on my right shoulder and said,
'You have been carrying this burden for far too long' as He flicked a speck of dirt off my shoulder. It felt like a sackful of bricks had been lifted off!

'You have been a good human being and the path you have chosen is exemplary'

He then took my right hand in His and my eyes brimmed with tears of joy. The moment I had been seeking all my life was unfolding now and here! 

My hand still in His, He led me down the beautiful, scenic path, lit up by His brilliance.

'Continue walking on the path you have chosen,
leave the rest to Me'

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