Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Universe encompassed in a Sphere called Me

As I sit, with my eyes closed, I initiate the activity that brings me immense peace. While thanking God for all the joys of life, the bliss, peace and moments that make life so memorable, it gradually dawns on me that I have nothing more to seek.

All that I cherish is within me.. sort of encompassed in a sphere that is 'Me'..a sense that the world outside nests in me. The awareness of my own body gives way to the sphere, it grows larger and larger in size until the sphere itself does not matter. Instead of giving me a sense of 'power' or 'ownership', I'm overpowered by a sense of humility and gratitude.

As my focus shifts back to the sphere, a path appears before me and the sphere begins hurtling down it at dizzying speeds- the path seems to have led to a long dark tunnel..throughout the duration of this exhilarating journey, which I can feel I'm participating in, there is a distinct window of light guiding me..leading me to my destination and deliverance.

This phenomenon has been experienced by me on countless number of occasions during my meditation sessions. The more genuine the expression of gratitude to Him, the greater the joy derived from a session.

Have learnt a few key lessons of my life from my inner voice. The journeys I experience are just a metaphor for my life journey itself. 
The transition from awareness of body to the sphere signifies progress from thinking about oneself to universal consciousness and gradually to the purpose of walk on the path before me, at all times aware of Him. Having given me the ability to make myself and my family self-sufficient, He finds me fit to embark on this Higher Path

I have nothing to fear since He guides me even as I'm hurtling along the tunnel at frightening speeds. The window/circle of light at the tunnel end is God Himself. It is clear that all paths lead me to Him!

Isn't that reason to be delirious with joy, be grateful to my Maker?

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