Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A writer on song

Wake up each morning
Thoughts in a fresh mind surge
Breaking out of their shell, bursting
Feel a new story emerge

Love the sound of it
Add new lines to it
Before I drift, scramble for my notepad
Tumbling out on their own, new words seem to add

The mind is racing
Although am sitting still
Feel as though I'm pacing
Want to last, this thrill

The world ceases to exist
Time does not matter
An exhilarating trip I can't resist
It's been made for me, all on a platter!

Can't let go of my pen that's now a magic wand
To create and write at my beck and call
Who cares if this castle is made of sand?
Am living my moment, may it later fall..

Reluctantly keep my notepad aside
Dissolve into my meditation session
It now takes me on a new ride
The inner Self and me unite in an ecstatic fusion!

Feel the elation
A great release
Thoughts have been set into motion
My creative self feels at ease

Each passing day I feel a new me rise
What earlier sounded like noise
Is now falling into a rhythm, time to rejoice!
A writer has found his voice.

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