Thursday, 20 December 2012

While you choose to look the other way..

While you choose to look the other way..

Am concerned about my wife and sister
Is someone eyeing them, someone sinister?

My elderly defenseless mother
Easy picking for a thief to smother

When I see my daughter
Why do I worry when I hear her laughter?

Are even these young toddlers safe?
A depraved mind wouldn’t blink before a rape

And those giggling, pretty girls?
My mind begins to swirl

Woman, oh woman, what has your world come to?
You are being mauled by man who you gave birth to

What’s happening to my country of such rich culture?
When did it fall to these devilish vultures?

Why, oh why, oh why?

In this world where your cosmic justice prevails, oh God
Who am I to question your ways, oh God

How do these demons stalk their hapless prey
Yet, You choose to look the other way

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