Friday, 21 December 2012

Imagine you are standing at the edge of a cliff..

Imagine you are standing at the edge of a cliff, tiny villages below you, only misty mountain ranges stretching across the horizon, you are breathing in the crisp fresh air that is unique to the hills. The only sound is the music of the chirping of birds and rustling of leaves.
The clouds have no right to appear so fluffy neither the sky so transparently blue!

The contrast between city life and this is striking and it hits you like a sledgehammer. The dust and soot in the grey air. The constant honking, the restlessness, schedules to be adhered to.. . I have never failed to be startled by it even after all these years of experiencing it.

Meditation is a similar experience - during the higher stages of Meditation, thoughts thin out to near zero. For a beginner it is difficult to silence the Mind and imagine how blissful can the experience of Meditation be.

Therefore, this simulation of how our normal state of Mind is- cluttered, noisy, restless just like a busy day in the city. On the other hand, Meditation is the art of letting go. Letting go of all your emotions, stresses and finally- thoughts! The thoughts thin out just as air thins out as in the mountains. You are alone, united with the Self, undisturbed by any intrusions. The feeling when you get there is sheer bliss.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

While you choose to look the other way..

While you choose to look the other way..

Am concerned about my wife and sister
Is someone eyeing them, someone sinister?

My elderly defenseless mother
Easy picking for a thief to smother

When I see my daughter
Why do I worry when I hear her laughter?

Are even these young toddlers safe?
A depraved mind wouldn’t blink before a rape

And those giggling, pretty girls?
My mind begins to swirl

Woman, oh woman, what has your world come to?
You are being mauled by man who you gave birth to

What’s happening to my country of such rich culture?
When did it fall to these devilish vultures?

Why, oh why, oh why?

In this world where your cosmic justice prevails, oh God
Who am I to question your ways, oh God

How do these demons stalk their hapless prey
Yet, You choose to look the other way

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Take a Break, to Goodness Awake

Take a break
To goodness awake

Shut your thoughts
Those mental knots

Take out an old CD
Play your favourite ditty

Think of a face
A beautiful, smiling face

A green, lush green place
That gives you solace

Go for a long leisurely walk
Watch, hear nature talk

The sweet chirping of the birds
What are their words?

Walk on a beach, oh, the refreshing sea
Feel the waves encircle your feet

Your arms open widespread
Soak in the setting sun red

Now this is life
God given, wonderful life!

Saturday, 8 December 2012

I Am..(rambling rhymes by a Bipolar)

I Am…

I see, I think…
I hear, I think…
I touch, I feel…
I Am

I see hurt, I cry
I walk, I falter, I try…
I Am

Something’s funny, I laugh
A melody in the air, my mind sings…
I see a painting, my mind sees…
I Am…

I see beauty, I admire…
Fine things, I desire…
I aspire, I acquire…
I Am

The quietness of the blue sky…
The ruggedness of the mountains…
The turmoil of the furious sea…
I say Wow!
I Am

I watch Sachin bat, I’m in a trance…
Shane Warne bowls, I’m in a trance…
Kishore sings, this is romance…
Madhubala smiles, my mind does a dance,
I Am

How can I love?
Where there’s no warmth
How can I not love?
When I am so full of love
Filling up the dark void with love
I Am

I Love, I Live…
I Live, I Give…
I Am

My body, not so strong..

In my Mind, determined and strong..
Now weak, now strong..
I Am

In yoga, I believe,
In my self-belief, I believe,
In miracles, I believe,
I’m a living miracle, I believe
I Am

In a world, ruled by rules…
Get me out of this cage
Of vertical and horizontal rules..
My world, designed by my mind,
Ever-flowing and vibrant
I Am

I’m down, am running to stand still…
Am Up and about, am racing ahead of Now…
Just wish I were living in the Now…
I Am

On one day, sucked in by the never ending night…
On another, hurtling through the tunnel…
At the end of which, of course, there is light!

I Am

My past, Oh so painful!
My past, I do not want to relive,
I Was..
My future so bright,
As bright as I can believe,
My God! What a glorious life I live!
I Am

There is more to Me than Me,

I Am the sum of all, and more…
I Am

Saturday, 1 December 2012

When My Soul Sings

As I shut my eyes, shut out the noise,
The frantic mind quietens, awakens the inner voice

Feel the warm glow inside me,
Sense Your presence all around me

Doubts have no place,
My faith only strenghthens by Your Grace

You are the Origin, my Creator
You provide the fuel, are my sustainer

I surrender myself, my Ego to You,
I feel myself dissolve into You

All I offer you is my love, oh God,
In Your magnificence I bask, oh God

Is there any greater, purer bliss,
Please let me reside in you, oh Lord, please..
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