Saturday, 10 November 2012

You Talk Money, I Talk Funny!

You talk money,
I talk funny!

You seem sad,
Am always glad

For you, Life is tedium
Hey, isn't Joy the medium?

The guy happier is always your neighbour…
I say, forget thy neighbour!

Ahead is an arduous climb for you
Life's a sporty trek I love to do!

A worried frown you often wear,
Why worry at all, I swear?
You live in the troubles of your past
Nothing's forever, my troubles are n0t gonna last

The skies above you are grey, overcast..
I see the sun breaking out very fast

Under the littlest things you are drowned;
Nah, won't let trivia weigh me down..
You carry your mighty burdens alone,
I walk light-footed on the path God has shown
You can't see the woods for the trees in the way,
Stand back, look at the bigger picture I say.

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