Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Have you thought about stopping all thoughts for a while?

I was in my daily session of Meditation. After the intrusive thoughts had been shunted out (with years of practice, this is quite easily done), I sensed that this one was a 'special one'. Despite the Meditation routine being pretty much the same each day, there are days when the experience is akin to being 'in the zone'.

'I was 
led' to an open, grassy patch and in front of me was a wooden crate. With nothing else around and neither a soul, my attention was naturally drawn to it. After a while I was compelled by impulse to check it's contents. The lid of the Crate had been firmly nailed in and opening it was going to be some task. I found a broken piece of a branch which I figured could be used like a chisel to pry the lid open.

It sprung open as if it had been waiting for someone to come along and oblige all this while. On peering inside, I was taken into a whole new world -

an insight into my thoughts, in visual form!
Instinctively I focused on one image at a time which then made way for the next and so on, a colourful carousel..

The first was of our home, the the possessions therein, our cars, I could see the financial statements, the bigger investments, big-ticket life insurance policies until the images ran out and within the crate I could see a smaller box- a green coloured one which was easier to open, being made of flimsy packaging material.

The images which popped out struck an emotional chord right away. My beloved ones were all there- family, closest of friends and colleagues. Most of them still alive, some not.
All the material belongings and aspects having been isolated at the outermost level, the warmth with which I was now connecting them with was an altogether new experience. The connect was intense and passionate.

Having got over the tide of positive emotions I noticed the tiny, misty bluish white box now left in the centre. I was transfixed by it's vibrations and it's ability to hold me entranced. I kept on looking at the box without moving. Without any prompting, a wave of gratitude swept over me. All I 
could now think was of God.

There was no image before me except that of God. His divine light and energy made every cell in my being vibrant.

After a while my thought drifted back to the crate. The small bluish white box was now gone.

I was blinded by a tiny source of light- the description that fits in best is what a brilliant diamond would look like under the focussed beam of a magnifying lens, in bright sunlight.

It took a while before it dawned on me on what I had experienced. Indeed, this one was a 'special one'. I had been blessed with an enlightening experience- a journey that began with the coarse, material world at the outermost level,
then the level of passion through social bonding and finally to my Creator.

The 'brilliant' white light I had seen was my very own Soul- rejoicing at finally being stripped of all the layers which had imprisoned it all this while. Celebrating it's union with it's Creator. Grateful to my mind for shutting down for a while and giving it an opportunity to show it's natural brilliance!

My Soul, blissful soul. Basking in it's natural, God gifted glory, detached from all material thoughts.

And then my Mind yanked me out of this magical reverie.

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