Sunday, 12 August 2012

Be Gentle on Yourself..Appreciate before being too Critical.

I say this to myself ever so often, to give myself a proper perspective..

I could possibly have done better,
but am quite happy that I have come so far..

I covet, seek all these glitzy new Gadgets,
Come on, the ones I already have are great too...

My friends have purchased bigger, sleeker Cars,
Ain't I fortunate that I own one when many of my countrymen can't afford even a humble bicycle?

And of course, the swanky new apartments and farmhouses do lure me,
Our own House in pricey Mumbai is something to covet, where buying a pigeon hole called Home is a taller order than finding an Eskimo in the Sahara.
Surely I would have gladly accepted this place with glee in my struggling days!!!

Having bought a new Tablet phone, my poor old Nokia Smartphone cries out loud to be upgraded,
Remember my laundryman who keeps asking me for any working phone he could use?

Keep cribbing about the rising Medical care costs, my word!
Wonder how's our House-help coping with her illnesses-
Her being down with Malaria and Typhoid at the same time make my cribbing appear superfluous..

By the way she's the only bread-winner of her family too.

The exotic Vacation brochures make my savings appear puny,
Hey wait, haven't I been on a Vacation, each year for 25 years too? (at times, three vacations in a year!)
Know of many who can't spare time or can't afford to even think of one in their lifetimes, forget each year..

If only I had made that RIGHT Investment call, the RIGHT career move, would have been Richer today by far..
Hang on, did many RIGHT things to get this far too, yes I did.

Many of my relatives, friends and neighbours possess all of these 'sought after' material stuff that I would, admittedly, love to lay my hands on..
Not a case of 'grapes are sour', the endless pursuit of material goals comes at a cost:

Stress, burn-outs, failed relationships and health breakdowns.

I remind myself I've been blessed with possibly more than my efforts justify.
No, I would never trade my peace of mind, my NOT being in the rat-race, quality fun-times with family and solitude for anything else!

What I do have today, though, gives me all the Happiness I could ask for.
Fairly good health, reassuring financial security, contentment, a good reputation, friends, a super family all the material trappings necessary for a comfortable (if not luxurious) life..Love my work, too.
What more could I ask for?

Oh, yeah, I forgot to add I also have what few others have, am letting you onto a secret!

My Faith in Him, my connect with Him makes everything else appear superficial..

Each day, while Meditating, in a virtual cockpit, 

am a Frequent Flyer to God's abode.

Have met my Inner Self, have found true Bliss, I know Who I Am and my True Purpose in Life.

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