Thursday, 28 June 2012

With a Pinch of Salt (#) 5

Swanky Homes in 'Unswanky' Mumbai

The Wifey nudged me in the morning while we were reading our Morning newspapers.

'Did you read this?' referring to the cover page news in the Tabloid paper.
'Businessman buys most expensive Apartment for Rs.36 Crore! (6.3 Million USD), not only that, this is his third apartment in the same building! And look at where we are! In this cramped 2 bedroom place I'm ashamed to call home: can't even invite people from my side of the family or friends! What would they think? Mom was right.. I should have married that builder's nephew, so what if he never completed High School. Age makes one wiser, only if I'd not fallen in love with this bloke who wrote romantic poems for me' she sighed.

Yeah, you are absolutely right, I concurred, both of us would been happier I guess..A writer does not need much room, does he?

At the Prime Minister's office, his secretary came rushing to him with the Business Papers and pointed out the article on this record Property transaction.

'Whoever said the Economy is in doldrums? This Realty deal at a record price proves India's Shining!
Incredible India,Sir!
These are glorious times, Sir, its only the Opposition  who creates a dreary image about the Economy!'

The PM smiled and replied, all credit must go to Madam.

The Media finding something to chew upon, descended upon the Tycoon's office.

'Listen, listen, the Boss is not available for comments' said his P R guy.

'As such company Policy does allow me to comment on Market speculation..However, I'm permitted to reveal that this was a Consolidation exercise- since we already had two apartments in the Building Block, it made more sense to strengthen our Holdings'

A young couple made what was now their daily visit to the Estate Agent's office. He gestured them to sit down while he continued his conversation on his Mobile phone.

A few minutes later, apologising, he said 'What to do Sirji? These people think Apartments are available for the taking and I'm acting hard to get.. Aap hi bolo- why would l do that? More deals equals more Money. Simple equation which I can understand, they don't.'

The young man retorted: "yeah, they must be as dumb as we are! How can we get fooled? We are well read, everywhere the buzz is that the Property dealings in Mumbai have dwindled to sub Zero. So why can't we get even one damn tiny pigeon hole on rent? This must be the 33rd and possibly the last time we have come here!!'

'Sirji, Sirji, Thanda loge kya? Cool down, you think I'm lying, then see this, today's News! What can we do if you people do not see the reality? If the Media says there are so many unsold Flats, why don't you ask them for help?'

The young Girl, having read the Article, asked sardonically, 'if this Apartment were to be Rented out, how much would the Rental be?'

The Broker finally grinned. 'Now you are talking! 18,00,000/- per month. That would amount to double your Annual Income combined! Let the media do the reporting, the Market dictates the terms!'

At an equally swanky home of a noted Interior Decorator, his pretty niece suddenly came to him and exclaimed 'its party Time!!!'

'What's the occasion?, asked the Interiors pro.

'Tycoon Uncle has bought the most expensive Apartment in the same Building where you have done two of your Showpiece projects for him earlier'

After having done a little bit of Math, he slumped on the Sofa and delightedly said: 36 crore Apartment means another 36 Crore Interiors job, minimum! That too, only partly in 'white', rest in cash!'

Mr.Interiors now grinning from ear to ear, hugged his niece, 'forget the Party, its mini-vacation time!'

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