Saturday, 9 June 2012

With A Pinch of Salt! ( # 4)

My Friend who stays in his Residential Tower of 20 Floors

He had called me over for breakfast at his opulent 20 Floor Home.

Was sipping tea and taking in the sight of the magnificent Queen's Necklace, Marine Drive from the top floor Lounge area. The Breakfast spread was intimidating.

'You are just pecking at things, are you a sparrow?' He asked me 
'Called you over to discuss these troubled times. What with the ridiculously high Petrol prices and all.. How are common folks like you and me going to make ends meet?'

I nodded, almost choking on my Tea.

'Enough is enough: Leaders must lead by example. To save my Fuel cost, I have decided to jog down to my Office and back everyday. See, one has to make every attempt possible to be eco-friendly and save on Fuel costs. So I thought, why not invite you, my old friend to join me on my first 'Green' day out'

What a wonderful thought, I concurred.

So, after coming down  to terra-firma in his Express see-through Glass Elevator in barely seconds, out we ventured in early morning Mumbai Traffic headed to his Corporate Office (another 34 floor Tower) a few Kilometres away.

'You see, I have taken this seriously: You must be wondering how am I going to begin my day all sweaty and stuff. Have everything tied up. Have an exclusive Floor in my Office for freshening up, a Jacuzzi, separate Wardrobe with 50 white Shirts, Spa, the works!' he grinned while mopping his brow.

As we neared his Office I saw a fleet of 3 gleaming white Jaguars stopping right behind us.

'Oh, them? My Security guys. Won't leave me alone for a second!
Have been following us right through. So, tell me, what do you think of my protest eco-friendly measure?

Oh that? With such commitment, you are going to make one hell of a statement, I wryly replied.
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