Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Most Precious Gift of my Life!

It was a few Sundays ago.

I normally wake Diti, my daughter, up at 8 am but being a Sunday, there was 
some room for laxity.

I noticed it was well past her wake up time. She was already awake but lolling in bed.

Meanwhile, my Mom and Sis phoned me up ( they don't stay with us, but we speak to each other every morning)

When Diti did wake up, she annoyed me by asking me  midway during the conversation 
how come Mom had called me up so early and why I was speaking to them over phone for so long.

I snapped back at her:
'It's rude to interrupt people while they are speaking and moreover I like to speak to Mom. They have called me to wish me on Fathers Day. Your Mom and you seem to have forgotten about it'

Wifey had a hurt look on her face and took me to our bedside where Diti had a surprise gift hidden for me, which she had been impatiently waiting for me to discover.

 A Greeting Card and my favourite Bournville chocolate wrapped up in it! The Card had been created exclusively by her without anyone's help or suggestions.

The best part was her take on my current activity: Social Media as well my firm 'enRICHen' which she knew  occupied a lot of my attention! Her sense of observation is amazing. Neither my Sis or Wifey have ever heard of Quora or Linkedin (Facebook and Twitter are household names) because they have an aversion to Social Media.

 I was so overwhelmed, especially after having berated her for forgetting to wish me on Fathers day.

This, therefore, is the best gift I have received in my life from the best gift of my life: Diti!

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