Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Is Skin-Deep Beauty something to Aspire for so Desperately?

'Under-the-belt' Advertising

An Advertisement campaign of a self proclaimed 'Global No.1' Brand in inner-wear is just a glimpse of how often the youth are being fed wrong notions and aspirations by both the Advertising industry and more importantly the Producers of Goods and Services.

A half page Advert in India's leading English Newspaper goes like this:

' I'll marry Miss Universe or remain a Bachelor'
The Tag line:  '_ _ _ _ _ _ or Nothing' (The Brand name in the Blank)

Well, for one, how does being Miss Universe make a Woman superior to another? Just her stunning looks and Vital Statistics?

I feel sorry for the young hunk in the Ad: what if none of the Miss Universes is willing to oblige? Would Miss Earth be the next choice?

Or if even that does not work out, how about Miss Beautiful Hair, Beautiful Smile...Ah! That widen's the arena.

The Campaign runs into several situations with similar themes, as if to test our intelligence further.

Come on, give us something better than this!

Sensationalising, 'shock value', brazenness: These are the Buzz Words that are gradually replacing sheer Creativity and sheer Brand Appeal in Advertising.

No I'm not generalising either,the Deo's, Vests, Fairness Creams, et al are having a ball competing in the inanity contest.

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