Monday, 14 May 2012

With a Pinch of Salt! #3

Don't Worry Be Happy!

The P.M. looked quite relaxed and was enjoying his cuppa tea when the FM called on him.

'The RBI Gov needs a bit more prompting to cut rates, Sir. The way the Economy is slowing down fast and Budgetary deficit bloating, we'll be giving Greece serious competition in a short while'

PM: The Gov knows his job well. As such we have no need to worry, She's always there to guide us.

Then came a call from the External Affairs Minister:
'Sir, our External Problems are hardly external any more.. Most of the Dreaded Terrorists from across the Border are in our own Country as per Intel reports!
We need to act strongly on this'

PM: Didn't you read the papers? I have reiterated for the 32nd time that we shall not tolerate any external threat to fabric of this great country!! They better be warned.. What's more, Madam addressed the conference too.

At a meeting with the Urban Development Ministry, the topic of stretched completion of key Infra projects was on the agenda: the Metro, Land Acquisition,..
The exasperated PM: Aren't you guys ever satisfied?
Why not talk of the positives? Then he smiled:
She told me just y'day that the Italians just can't stop raving about the Worli Sea-Link Bridge! A work of Art.

His Secretary nervously informed him: 'The Opposition has been pressing for your Resignation on account of Moral responsibility in light of the plight the country finds itself in'

The PM glared at him: Are you with me or the Opposition?
Don't you know I'd already resigned but She did not allow me to!

Finally came a call from a call from the Ministry of Women and Child Welfare. She said: 'The crimes against women and children have spun out of control- we are answerable to the people aren't we?'

By now tired, PM: How many times do I need to tell you people that She's taking care of it all. Do not be disturbed about anything'

Came the reply from her: 'That's what is even more disturbing!! The way female foeticide is spreading unchecked, we won't have a 'She' left in our country.'
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