Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Sounds Familiar?

Recently I heard a commotion caused by Crows in the Garden below our Bedroom window. After ignoring it initially, when the intensity of their panic increased, curiosity got the better of me.

It turned out that they were circling around a tree, drawing attention to a Pigeon with it's feet entangled  in a Kite string and suspended from the tree. The poor bird, despite it's best effort just couldn't break free..

The crows stuck to their task till our Building's employees came to its aid: with the help of a bamboo pole they set it free.

What I observed and found odd was while the Crows spared no effort in helping a fellow bird in distress, a flock of Pigeons chose to nervously watch the action from wherever they were perched!

Don't we observe a similar trait in humans, too? At times when your people let you down, help is at hand from the least expected quarters!
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