Monday, 7 May 2012

Should I..

Had taken out my niece and the family out to Domino's yesterday for Dinner. While we were half through our meal, noticed two small Street Kids near the Doorway, talking to one of the Diners.

I guessed that the kind gentleman had instructed the waiters to serve them some food. They must have had whatever little was offered to them, outside the eatery.

To my surprise, and delight, a little later the little boy and girl were occupying the adjoining table! Although they weren't eating anything, they seemed happy all the same.

A thought crossed my mind that I could buy a Pasta and Garlic bread for the lil souls after finishing my Pizza.

When I was through, I found to my dismay that the Kids were nowhere around. It struck me then that DID I HAVE TO WAIT for my meal to be completed?

Wouldn't  it have been great if I had acted promptly?

One faces such 'near misses' many times in life. This one hurts, though.

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