Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Scary Reality!

Have been discussing with my pretty 11 year old niece about the kind of Films she has bee seeing over the past few years.

I found it disturbing that she has watched practically every Spooky and Horror film of recent times. (I have watched almost none of them!) To boot, these films are invariably with the 'A' (Adult) Film Certification tag.

What I strongly feel is that why only Horror films, I would not let a Child watch even Movies like Agneepath or  Ghajini. The graphic Violence would affect even a sensitive adult, let alone a child.

What parents have to realise is that Children are impressionable plus their minds cannot filter the right and wrong.

The worrisome outcome is these same Children become desensitised to Violence, Crime and Vulgarity, affecting their future lives.

Isn't it about time that Parents took active interest and gently counsel their children what's good for them and what's not.

After all, your Child's Mind is NOT A TRASH CAN.

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