Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Miracle Man!

'SNIOP' was his favourite Saying!

Maurice Goodman, is also known as the Miracle Man for his incredible story of Survival, Self-Belief and Vision after being involved in a near fatal Air Crash (a Single-Engined Plane he was himself flying).

Anyone who has read The Secret would easily recall the legend of his miraculous recovery! After being given up for dead by the Hospital's Medical team, almost all his vital organs damaged and at a time when he couldn't even lift a finger, he had different ideas!

He communicated to his wife by using a blinking of eyes sign to identify letters of the alphabet: 'I shall walk out of this Hospital on Christmas day!'

The Doctors ridiculed him. He kept his self belief and on X' Mas walked out of the Hospital to the astonishment of the Doctors!

His Doctor said to him with disbelief, 'I never believed you could do it!'

'Thankfully, I only had belief in my Self Belief, not what in your belief, Doctor'
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