Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Mind Games

We Underestimate the Power of the Mind

This is a true incident. An experiment was conducted on a convict on death row before consigning him to the Electric Chair.

He was made to sit on a chair, tied up and was blindfolded. He was then informed that the execution was being carried out in a different way: that a deadly venomous snake would bite him on his big toe, the fangs would hurt, he would experience massive spasms and then he would suffer a heart attack.

Having been thus primed, he waited for the dreaded moment. He felt being pierced his big toe.
As predicted, he experienced excruciating  pain, he also experienced  massive Spasms and died of a Massive heart attack within a few minutes.

Since he was blindfolded little did he know that he had been pierced by two nails to stimulate a snake bite.

The Power of our Mind primes our physical response to what we think is happening to us. (Psychosomatic?)
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