Thursday, 31 May 2012

Do we need to trivialise other Sports to Piggy-Back on Cricket's hysterical following in India?

'Chennai Super King' World Champ a 5th Time!'

At least this news item made it to the Cover page of the Times of India..(May 31, 2012 Edition).

Vishwanathan Anand's staggering 5th World Chess Championship win certainly deserves better than being 'cleverly' called as Chennai Super King ( the IPL Cricket team which isn't even an International team!)

 The Media is largely responsible in feeding us with an overdose of gimmicky Cricketing terms at the expense of other sports. The Sports page is cannibalised by Cricket
( although I'm a die hard Cricket fan, I'm not partisan and love my Tennis, Track and Field and Soccer news, too).

At least let's celebrate Vishy's stunning achievement without riding Piggy Back on cricketing coinage.
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