Monday, 7 May 2012

Death Wish

Motor Sports or 'Deadly' Stunts?

Last week there was a widely reported Accident: One of a group of young Motor-Bike Riders, who used to  regularly race their bikes on the Western Express Highway, Mumbai, met with a fatal accident.

This was bound to happen sooner or later the way these people take their own and others's lives for granted. Riding at 100 kmph per hour plus (way beyond permissible City Speed Limits) and crazily weaving their way in and out of traffic, changing lanes at will..

The tragic aspect was that the Biker victim's family was absolutely in the dark about his fetish for such 'thrill seeking' stunts.

The Cops have come up with the strangest and most implausible answer: We do not have the vehicles fast enough to catch up with these chaps! Hasn't any one heard of Pre-Warning Cops at the next traffic signal about the approaching group?  Also, this group raced every Tuesday on the same route at the same time. Still too difficult for our Cops to prevent further such tragedies ASKING TO HAPPEN.

I write this as y'day I came across numerous such Road warriors strutting their stuff. 
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