Friday, 18 May 2012

Are we setting the Right Examples?

Practising what we preach is often a Tall order

I remember having once attend a  Meeting hosted by an International NGO for it's Members.
It was held more than a decade ago at a Suburban 5 Star Hotel in Mumbai. The guest speaker happened to be a very young Man from the UK and if I recall he was representing a NGO called Quest. Lets call him Tom.

Tom seemed to be a well groomed and successful person. The story he narrated of his childhood brought tears in my eyes.

When he was in School, his Class Teacher used say to him, well Tom, you are such a Bright kid, so grounded.. you are fortunate that you have a fine upbringing.

Tom remained silent and tears welled up in his eyes. When he returned home, he found his mother, as usual, curled up in a corner: She was a Drug addict.

His father was an Alcoholic and all his life he had seen his parents fight in a stupor. Tom said to himself- Indeed I have a fine upbringing.

Instead of being shattered by his traumatic childhood, he vowed to create an organisation which would care for kids like him, dissuade Alcohol and Drug abuse. 
This he did, and was representing that very same organisation on that day.

At the end of his speech, amid hushed silence, Tom pleaded to the August gathering:

'Your organisation has been doing great work in various areas. My only request to you is that at the end of this Meeting in the evening, please do not head for the Bar. You have no Moral authority to tell your Children that drinking is not good for them, unless you Quit drinking yourself'
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