Thursday, 31 May 2012

Do we need to trivialise other Sports to Piggy-Back on Cricket's hysterical following in India?

'Chennai Super King' World Champ a 5th Time!'

At least this news item made it to the Cover page of the Times of India..(May 31, 2012 Edition).

Vishwanathan Anand's staggering 5th World Chess Championship win certainly deserves better than being 'cleverly' called as Chennai Super King ( the IPL Cricket team which isn't even an International team!)

 The Media is largely responsible in feeding us with an overdose of gimmicky Cricketing terms at the expense of other sports. The Sports page is cannibalised by Cricket
( although I'm a die hard Cricket fan, I'm not partisan and love my Tennis, Track and Field and Soccer news, too).

At least let's celebrate Vishy's stunning achievement without riding Piggy Back on cricketing coinage.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

You Talk Money, I Talk Funny!

You Talk Money, I Talk Funny!

You seem sad,
Am always glad

For you,life is tedium
Hey, isn't joy the medium?

The guy happier is always your neighbour
I say, forget thy neighbour!

Ahead is an arduous climb for you
Life's a sporty trek I love to do!

A worried frown you wear,
Why worry at all, I swear?

You live in the troubles of your past
Nothing's forever, my troubles aren't gonna last

The skies above you are grey, overcast..

I see the sun breaking out fast 

Under the littlest things you are drowned;
Nah, won't let trivia weigh me down..

You carry your mighty burdens alone,
I walk light on the path God has shown

You can't see the woods for the trees are in the way,

Stand back and look at the Bigger Picture I say.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Miracle Man!

'SNIOP' was his favourite Saying!

Maurice Goodman, is also known as the Miracle Man for his incredible story of Survival, Self-Belief and Vision after being involved in a near fatal Air Crash (a Single-Engined Plane he was himself flying).

Anyone who has read The Secret would easily recall the legend of his miraculous recovery! After being given up for dead by the Hospital's Medical team, almost all his vital organs damaged and at a time when he couldn't even lift a finger, he had different ideas!

He communicated to his wife by using a blinking of eyes sign to identify letters of the alphabet: 'I shall walk out of this Hospital on Christmas day!'

The Doctors ridiculed him. He kept his self belief and on X' Mas walked out of the Hospital to the astonishment of the Doctors!

His Doctor said to him with disbelief, 'I never believed you could do it!'

'Thankfully, I only had belief in my Self Belief, not what in your belief, Doctor'

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Our Alibag Vacation

The Sun, Sea, Surf, blue Skies and Scenic Surroundings!

Back refreshed from our Mini-Vacation at Alibag, a mere 4 hour drive from Mumbai. That it was our first trip there made it even more exciting.

The journey gets scenic only after one leaves the outskirts of Mumbai and its far flung suburbs..

Locating the Hotel wasn't a tough task despite it's secluded location: the Hotel Manager himself drove down to a convenient spot to guide us.

We had discovered the Hotel from the Internet and were pleasantly surprised: it was better than the Pics suggested!

Our Rooms faced the Varsoli Beach and they had all the trappings we could have asked for. Delight! Our food, local delicacies, was prepared at the Owner's home by his wife on our request!

Loads of Fun was in store! The beach was sublime! Not that we were stuck to it either: we ventured out to take in the places of interest as recommended by the Hotel folks.

There was plenty of Sigh-Seeing: The Murud Janjira Fort is 55 km drive from Alibag, but it was worth it! The 900 year old Fort stands imposingly on an Island, unconquered from all those who dared to. The 15 minute Ferry ride is tricky, as is the embarking on the Fort's entry steps (not for the weak hearted)!

On the way back took refreshments at the beautiful Kashid Beach: the only white sand beach in the entire region.

Then there was the Alibag Beach and Fort. A Tonga ride (horse cart) to the Fort and back, across wet sands and submerged areas was fun! The Fort is home to a temple of Lord Ganeshji.

One morning was reserved for real action! Water sports: tried out a Water Scooter ride on the Seas for the first time: believe me, with the High tide waves to ride on, it was some ride. The other was a 3 seater inflatable tugged by a Speed boat: from the crest of a wave it crashed down by 6 feet: AWESOME!

Had the quiet moments too: spotting Sea shells for my daughter, morning walk on the Beach and hearing the Birds chirping.

Tons of fun packed in a few days..

Friday, 18 May 2012

Are we setting the Right Examples?

Practising what we preach is often a Tall order

I remember having once attend a  Meeting hosted by an International NGO for it's Members.
It was held more than a decade ago at a Suburban 5 Star Hotel in Mumbai. The guest speaker happened to be a very young Man from the UK and if I recall he was representing a NGO called Quest. Lets call him Tom.

Tom seemed to be a well groomed and successful person. The story he narrated of his childhood brought tears in my eyes.

When he was in School, his Class Teacher used say to him, well Tom, you are such a Bright kid, so grounded.. you are fortunate that you have a fine upbringing.

Tom remained silent and tears welled up in his eyes. When he returned home, he found his mother, as usual, curled up in a corner: She was a Drug addict.

His father was an Alcoholic and all his life he had seen his parents fight in a stupor. Tom said to himself- Indeed I have a fine upbringing.

Instead of being shattered by his traumatic childhood, he vowed to create an organisation which would care for kids like him, dissuade Alcohol and Drug abuse. 
This he did, and was representing that very same organisation on that day.

At the end of his speech, amid hushed silence, Tom pleaded to the August gathering:

'Your organisation has been doing great work in various areas. My only request to you is that at the end of this Meeting in the evening, please do not head for the Bar. You have no Moral authority to tell your Children that drinking is not good for them, unless you Quit drinking yourself'

Monday, 14 May 2012

With a Pinch of Salt! #3

Don't Worry Be Happy!

The P.M. looked quite relaxed and was enjoying his cuppa tea when the FM called on him.

'The RBI Gov needs a bit more prompting to cut rates, Sir. The way the Economy is slowing down fast and Budgetary deficit bloating, we'll be giving Greece serious competition in a short while'

PM: The Gov knows his job well. As such we have no need to worry, She's always there to guide us.

Then came a call from the External Affairs Minister:
'Sir, our External Problems are hardly external any more.. Most of the Dreaded Terrorists from across the Border are in our own Country as per Intel reports!
We need to act strongly on this'

PM: Didn't you read the papers? I have reiterated for the 32nd time that we shall not tolerate any external threat to fabric of this great country!! They better be warned.. What's more, Madam addressed the conference too.

At a meeting with the Urban Development Ministry, the topic of stretched completion of key Infra projects was on the agenda: the Metro, Land Acquisition,..
The exasperated PM: Aren't you guys ever satisfied?
Why not talk of the positives? Then he smiled:
She told me just y'day that the Italians just can't stop raving about the Worli Sea-Link Bridge! A work of Art.

His Secretary nervously informed him: 'The Opposition has been pressing for your Resignation on account of Moral responsibility in light of the plight the country finds itself in'

The PM glared at him: Are you with me or the Opposition?
Don't you know I'd already resigned but She did not allow me to!

Finally came a call from a call from the Ministry of Women and Child Welfare. She said: 'The crimes against women and children have spun out of control- we are answerable to the people aren't we?'

By now tired, PM: How many times do I need to tell you people that She's taking care of it all. Do not be disturbed about anything'

Came the reply from her: 'That's what is even more disturbing!! The way female foeticide is spreading unchecked, we won't have a 'She' left in our country.'

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Scary Reality!

Have been discussing with my pretty 11 year old niece about the kind of Films she has bee seeing over the past few years.

I found it disturbing that she has watched practically every Spooky and Horror film of recent times. (I have watched almost none of them!) To boot, these films are invariably with the 'A' (Adult) Film Certification tag.

What I strongly feel is that why only Horror films, I would not let a Child watch even Movies like Agneepath or  Ghajini. The graphic Violence would affect even a sensitive adult, let alone a child.

What parents have to realise is that Children are impressionable plus their minds cannot filter the right and wrong.

The worrisome outcome is these same Children become desensitised to Violence, Crime and Vulgarity, affecting their future lives.

Isn't it about time that Parents took active interest and gently counsel their children what's good for them and what's not.

After all, your Child's Mind is NOT A TRASH CAN.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Should I..

Had taken out my niece and the family out to Domino's yesterday for Dinner. While we were half through our meal, noticed two small Street Kids near the Doorway, talking to one of the Diners.

I guessed that the kind gentleman had instructed the waiters to serve them some food. They must have had whatever little was offered to them, outside the eatery.

To my surprise, and delight, a little later the little boy and girl were occupying the adjoining table! Although they weren't eating anything, they seemed happy all the same.

A thought crossed my mind that I could buy a Pasta and Garlic bread for the lil souls after finishing my Pizza.

When I was through, I found to my dismay that the Kids were nowhere around. It struck me then that DID I HAVE TO WAIT for my meal to be completed?

Wouldn't  it have been great if I had acted promptly?

One faces such 'near misses' many times in life. This one hurts, though.

Death Wish

Motor Sports or 'Deadly' Stunts?

Last week there was a widely reported Accident: One of a group of young Motor-Bike Riders, who used to  regularly race their bikes on the Western Express Highway, Mumbai, met with a fatal accident.

This was bound to happen sooner or later the way these people take their own and others's lives for granted. Riding at 100 kmph per hour plus (way beyond permissible City Speed Limits) and crazily weaving their way in and out of traffic, changing lanes at will..

The tragic aspect was that the Biker victim's family was absolutely in the dark about his fetish for such 'thrill seeking' stunts.

The Cops have come up with the strangest and most implausible answer: We do not have the vehicles fast enough to catch up with these chaps! Hasn't any one heard of Pre-Warning Cops at the next traffic signal about the approaching group?  Also, this group raced every Tuesday on the same route at the same time. Still too difficult for our Cops to prevent further such tragedies ASKING TO HAPPEN.

I write this as y'day I came across numerous such Road warriors strutting their stuff. 

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Sounds Familiar?

Recently I heard a commotion caused by Crows in the Garden below our Bedroom window. After ignoring it initially, when the intensity of their panic increased, curiosity got the better of me.

It turned out that they were circling around a tree, drawing attention to a Pigeon with it's feet entangled  in a Kite string and suspended from the tree. The poor bird, despite it's best effort just couldn't break free..

The crows stuck to their task till our Building's employees came to its aid: with the help of a bamboo pole they set it free.

What I observed and found odd was while the Crows spared no effort in helping a fellow bird in distress, a flock of Pigeons chose to nervously watch the action from wherever they were perched!

Don't we observe a similar trait in humans, too? At times when your people let you down, help is at hand from the least expected quarters!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Mind Games

We Underestimate the Power of the Mind

This is a true incident. An experiment was conducted on a convict on death row before consigning him to the Electric Chair.

He was made to sit on a chair, tied up and was blindfolded. He was then informed that the execution was being carried out in a different way: that a deadly venomous snake would bite him on his big toe, the fangs would hurt, he would experience massive spasms and then he would suffer a heart attack.

Having been thus primed, he waited for the dreaded moment. He felt being pierced his big toe.
As predicted, he experienced excruciating  pain, he also experienced  massive Spasms and died of a Massive heart attack within a few minutes.

Since he was blindfolded little did he know that he had been pierced by two nails to stimulate a snake bite.

The Power of our Mind primes our physical response to what we think is happening to us. (Psychosomatic?)
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