Saturday, 28 April 2012

With A Pinch of Salt! ( #2)

The Boss sent me out for a Scoop Interview with Sachin's PR Man.

I didn't know what the fuss was about but said, let's give it a shot.

Mr.PR's pretty assistant, yes, he too had a PA , smilingly greeted me and ordered a Coffee for me.

Mr.PR joined me some ten minutes later, mumbling about how life has turned Topsy-turvy since the MP nomination.

Yeah, I nodded, I can understand. So how are you planning out Sachin's future, I asked him, considering his immense responsibilities.

Pat came the rehearsed reply: 'You see, it comes naturally to him! As such he has been shouldering the expectations of a Billion people since 2 decades manfully. Plus, you know when he got stuck on 99 tons for a year, the burden increased manifold. Parliament is like a walk in the garden for him! Not to worry!

No Sir, I said tamely, with capable people like you to help him, things should be fine. Gingerly, I continued, Sir tell me how on earth will he be able to attend Parliament considering the ICC Schedules, IPLs and all?

Not to fret: we have it all figured out. Sachin is a very ethical man , Mr.PR proudly said. He would never have said yes to the RS without being sure about his involvement. The Monsoon Session of Parliament comes to our rescue here! There are no foreign tours or domestic cricket that time, simple.

Oh I see! But what happens to his TVC's and endorsements?

Ah! Now this is the tricky part! Firstly we are negotiating the Endorsements all over again. Sachin is now on the verge of Super Iconic Stature: just imagine an MP fighting for India v/s Pak in a Test! Simply mind boggling! We are going to be very selective..besides, the TVC's will have to be shot in New Delhi when the RS is in session.

True, preened his P.A., 'Boost is the Secret of Sachin's Energy gets an all new spin now! 100tons n.o, 12 days a year in Parliament, just too good!''

Mr.PR glanced at his watch and excused himself, got to rush for a meeting with Mukesh (Ambani), he said. We are fine tuning the arrangements for the bash in MP Sachin's honour.

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