Saturday, 21 April 2012

Still in search of her House..

Continuing my story on my House Help's travails..

Its been a fortnight and she still can't find the right place: either there's no water in one, another's a a Tin shed or else it's  simply unaffordable!

I asked her, if the rentals were so high, why not consider buying a place outright? A small room can't be that expensive, I asked, trying to be helpful.

13-14 Lakhs, was her reply. Nothing had prepared me for this kind of pricing for what was essentially a slum dwelling!

Meanwhile, my sister tells me that in her building the home prices have gone up by 10% since she bought hers (exactly six months ago!)

What's ailing our great city? If you can't find an affordable place for all strata of society, it sure is a sign of strife in the years ahead..

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